Types of luxury real estate in Istanbul 2022

The multiplicity of real estate types in Turkey is one of the main advantages that led to attracting and attracting foreigners and investors to it. It must be among your options, whether you want to live and stay or invest in real estate or stay in it during the tourist seasons.

The editorial team of EVEK Real Estate has chosen to introduce you to one of the main types of real estate in Istanbul (luxury real estate) where it will shed light on their features - qualities - importance.

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Check out the luxury Istanbul real estate:

Before you buy your property or apartment in Istanbul, you should review all available types of apartments and their features and highlights, and this is what we will show in the following paragraph.


It is considered one of the finest and most luxurious types of real estate in Istanbul at all and has gained its importance from its distinguished location on the last floors of high residential complexes and high-rise towers, characterized by glass walls that surround it on all sides, which gives residents a panoramic view of the city.

It is one of the finest and most luxurious and distinguished types of real estate, with large areas that give residents privacy and comfort.

This type of apartments is a new idea and a modern term that saw the light in the US states and then spread until it reached Turkey. Construction companies are keen to build them in distinctive geographic locations.

You may wonder about the prices of this type of apartments, are they expensive or appropriate? Unfortunately, it is somewhat high, which made it the preserve of the rich and those with high budgets.


Duplex apartments:

This type of apartment is very similar to villas, but it is smaller in size and is characterized by the fact that it consists of two floors on top of each other, with an internal staircase between them. It is suitable for families consisting of seven or eight people.

It is attached to a small garden and a distinctive view, and it is one of the types of modern apartments that suit everyone because their prices are somewhat appropriate.


Triplex Apartments:

The specifications of the duplex apartments are very similar to the duplexes, but the second is larger in size and is suitable for large families, as it gives them comfort and independence, and it consists of three floors.

Due to the vastness of its area, it is possible to benefit from allocating part of it to be a place to work or to exercise.



The villas are distinguished by their grandeur, high-end modern designs, and spacious areas. They are built in distinctive places with sea views or wide green spaces.

It can be chosen for housing to obtain an integrated and upscale life, as well as suitable for real estate investment because its prices are constantly increasing and also maintain its value and is not affected by the surrounding conditions.


Residential complex apartments:

Recently, the term (residential complexes) has become popular due to the increased demand for its purchase, and according to statistics, it is the most popular among the investors and foreigners.

A distinctive view and an exceptional location that helps raise the value of real estate investment in it.

You can find playgrounds - sauna - Turkish bath - swimming pool - car parking - restaurant - green spaces and parks.

 Lots of options and distinctive apartments are available that allow you to get what suits you.


Advantages of living in luxury real estate in Istanbul:

In your opinion, what are the pros and cons that you will get when buying a luxury property in Istanbul?

1 - A quiet life within the most prestigious and important areas of the city.

2 - It has the most important modern service facilities such as public transportation - schools - universities - hospitals - entertainment venues - shopping centers - malls.

3 - Real estate prices in those areas, despite their distinction, are not as expensive as European countries.

4 - It is a great option for real estate investment, as its prices are constantly increasing, and it is considered the choice of tourists coming to Istanbul to stay in it.

5 - Real estate in those areas is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship (in order to be identical to obtaining it, its price must be two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars as a minimum).

6 - It is designed according to international conditions (resistance to earthquakes, natural disasters, heat and sound insulation).


Where can I find luxury properties for sale in Istanbul?

If you are a fan of this type of real estate and apartments, here are the most prominent areas that you should look in.

Luxury real estate in Besiktas:

One of the most important high-end areas in Istanbul is Besiktas, which is located on the European side of the city, which contains many important offers, and its fame came from its historical importance and its proximity to the Bosphorus.


Luxury real estate in Sariyer:

This area is located on the European side of Istanbul, which is characterized by its wonderful location on the Bosphorus. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious areas and contains many high-end villas and luxury residential complexes.


Luxury real estate in Bakirkoy:

It is also located in European Istanbul and is known for its vitality and its long coasts. Tourists come to it from everywhere, and if you intend to buy a property in it, you will find many special and modern offers. Add to your information that its infrastructure is developed, which has raised the importance of real estate investment in it.

We cannot neglect the importance of the areas of the Asian side and its sophistication, where high-end real estate with modern designs and unique complexes are available. The luxury of real estate in Istanbul is not limited to its European section only, such as: (Uskudar - Beykoz - Umraniye - Kartal) and other areas.


If you are looking for your luxury property in Istanbul with modern specifications, do not hesitate before contacting us to provide you with the most important offers and information you need about the real estate market in Istanbul and to inform you of the most important developments that occur to it.