Types and characteristics of the Turkish passport 2022

There are many questions that are raised about the Turkish passport, so we found it necessary to dedicate this article to be a comprehensive guide about it, in which you will learn about its features - types - the most important reasons that drive foreigners and investors to obtain it.


The most prominent characteristics of the Turkish passport:

The Turkish passport ranked 37th in the world, according to what was announced by the authority responsible for rating the most powerful passports in the world.

The strength of this passport is that it allows its holder to enter more than 60 countries without obtaining a visa in advance, and more than 44 countries can be entered by means of a visa that is granted upon arrival, and there are about 8 countries that grant Turkish citizens a visa online.

Do you think that the strength of this passport will maintain its position in the coming days? Of course not, as it is expected to advance over many countries, especially in light of the economic recovery and political stability that the country is experiencing.

What should be noted here is that any foreigner who has obtained Turkish citizenship can easily apply for it and it will not take more than 30 days.


Check out the types of Turkish passport:

Did you know that the Turkish passport is distinguished by the fact that it consists of four types, each of which is granted to a category of Turkish society.

1 - Ordinary passport: This passport bears the red color and is intended for the Turkish people, as well as for foreigners who have obtained Turkish citizenship.

2 - Diplomatic passport: It is distinguished by its black color and is granted to a specific category and they are those who occupy distinguished positions such as presidents, generals and ministers.

3 - Stamped passport: This passport bears a gray color and is granted to all employees outside the Turkish state or those sent by Turkey on a mission abroad, such as ambassadors, consulates and others.

4 - The special passport: This passport is distinguished by the green color and is granted to employees in the government sector, former ministers and former representatives in the People's Assembly.


The most prominent advantages of obtaining a Turkish passport:

When you hold a Turkish passport, there are many advantages that will be yours, which are as follows:

1 - You will get all the rights and benefits that a Turkish citizen enjoys.

- Obtaining distinguished job opportunities in the public and private sectors.

- Vote in the elections.

- Benefit from the retirement program after the age of 65.

- Benefit from advanced medical and educational services.

2 - This passport is distinguished by its long-term validity, meaning that it is valid for ten years and can be renewed after the expiry of this period.

3 - The first citizenship can be retained with him, as the Turkish citizenship system does not impose the obligation to renounce the original citizenship.


How do I get a Turkish passport?

This passport can be obtained in a variety of ways, as follows:

1 - By purchasing a property in Turkey with a value of two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars + a pledge not to sell it before three years have passed since the date of its purchase.

2 - Deposit an amount of five hundred thousand US dollars in a bank in Turkey for a period of three years.

3 - Financial investment of five hundred thousand US dollars.

4 - Marriage to a person holding Turkish citizenship.

5 - Employing 50 Turkish employees.

6 - When the foreigner proves that his origins are Turkish.


Reasons for foreigners to obtain a Turkish passport:

Many other reasons and advantages push the foreign investor to obtain the Turkish passport, and these are the most important of them:

1 - The geographical location of Turkey is one of the main reasons that encourage foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship or passport, as:

- It extends over two continents, the largest of which is found in Asia and the smallest in Europe.

- Close to the Arab world and the brown continent.

- It is surrounded by four seas (Mediterranean Sea - Black Sea - Marmara Sea - Aegean Sea).

- This privileged location has always given it a moderate climate, unlike European countries.

2 - Turkey is characterized by its booming economy, and it ranked second in terms of growth rate after China, as well as being one of the most important industrialized countries in the world.

3 - Turkey owns the most important development projects that have won a global advanced rank, such as Istanbul's new airport - Istanbul Water Canal - advanced transportation lines - tunnels - bridges and others.

4 - Turkey is one of the most important countries in the world suitable for housing and stability, as:

- Flexible laws.

- A prosperous environment that pursues the means of development and modernity.

- A clean and orderly environment in which parks, gardens and recreational areas are spread out.

- The foreigner is treated as a Turkish is treated without any prejudice or racism.

5 - The holder of this passport obtains many advantages and positives for free or at reduced prices, whereby treatment can be received in hospitals and public and private health centers, as well as a high-quality and distinguished education in schools and universities.

6 - Turkey is a safe and ideal environment for stability. The government is working hard to provide security and means of protection for all.

7 - It is characterized as containing all the means of luxury and comfort for citizens and residents, where you find swimming pools - sports clubs - coasts - beaches - parks - game cities - restaurants and cafes.

 8 - The Arabs are the ones who prefer to settle and live in Turkey for various reasons, including the nearby geographical location and the spread of the Islamic religion, and there is also a similarity in customs and traditions. It is also easy to integrate with Turkish society.

9 - The cost of living in Turkey is low compared to other countries (prices of clothes - household appliances and supplies - foodstuffs) and so on.

Important information about the Turkish passport we provided to you in this article. If you have any other questions about this topic, do not hesitate and contact us to provide you with all the help you need.