Types and characteristics of real estate in Turkey

One of what made the real estate market in Turkey distinct from other real estate markets in the world is that it witnesses a great real estate diversity, which made it suitable for all tastes and budgets without exception.

If you have not previously seen it, you can follow with us the next article in which we will present all types of real estate in Turkey and we will also publish its most important advantages.


See the types of real estate in Turkey:

Real estate is divided into two main types (residential - commercial), and in turn, each of them is divided into several types. Through the following paragraph, we will discuss the matter in full.


Residential real estate:

1 - Apartments for residential complexes:

It is the modern style of apartments, and according to statistics, it is the most in demand among other types for several reasons, the most important of which are:

- They are designed according to the highest international quality and safety standards.

- Resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters.

- Cleaning and maintenance services are provided periodically.

- It has steam rooms - saunas - swimming pools - playgrounds.

- It also has a restaurant - cafe - mosque - shops.

- It often enjoys a privileged geographic location and a view of either the sea or the green spaces.


2 - Standard apartments (independent):

This is the customary type of apartments, and you can find them in all Turkish states, especially in the old or popular areas, and their features are less than the apartments of residential complexes, and the services provided in them are limited to what the government provides in the area.


3 - Penthouse apartments:

It is one of the finest types of residential real estate in Turkey that you can find on the last floors of high buildings and instead of walls surrounded by glass panels, which makes it a wonderful view of the city.

Its area is large, which provides comfort and privacy for the residents, and it is also suitable for those looking for calm and tranquility, but it is somewhat expensive, which made it suitable for people with high budgets.


4 - Duplex apartments:

These apartments are distinguished by the fact that they consist of two floors on top of each other, connected by an internal staircase, and each floor can be a separate apartment from the other.

It is suitable for large families, as it provides them with privacy and independence, and it is very similar to villas.


5 - Triplex apartments:

There are many similarities between the apartments and duplexes, but the first one is characterized by the fact that it consists of three floors and therefore has a larger area and more rooms, and it is suitable for a family of ten or more people.

Due to its large area, you can allocate a part of it to be an office or an area for exercising.


6- Studio apartments:

As for this type of apartment, it is suitable for those who want to live alone, such as students - workers - the elderly - who want isolation. It has all the necessities of life, as part of it is designated as a bedroom and another part for sitting, but due to its narrow space, it is not suitable to be inhabited by only one or two individuals at the most.


Commercial real estate:

1 - Shops and stores:

If you want to open a business in Turkey, shops are one of the best options where you can sell foodstuffs or be a cosmetics or clothing store. If you choose to buy a commercial store, you will have two options, either it is within the huge malls and commercial centers, or it is isolated.


2 - Hotels:

Each year, Turkey hosts thousands of tourists from different countries of the world, foreigners and investors who need a place to stay during their stay, and there is nothing better than hotels that provide them with elegant accommodation.


3 - Restaurants-cafes:

You can find it in all Turkish cities and in all regions. The tourist nature of this country has contributed to the need for restaurants and cafes to be visited by tourists and local residents.


4 - Buildings designated for trade:

Entire buildings can be invested and converted into an educational institution, a medical center, a shopping center and the like, and you will get high profits through them, especially if a strategic location is chosen.

It should be close to public transportation - the decoration and design should be modern - providing competitive standards for similar entities.


What are the advantages of buying real estate in Turkey?

After getting acquainted with all types of real estate in Turkey, we must learn about the advantages of owning real estate in Turkey in general.

1 - The costs of owning real estate in Turkey are appropriate and less than the costs that you would need if you chose to buy a property in a European country.

2 - Real estate taxes are low, as the Turkish government is keen to issue amendments on a permanent and continuous basis in order to attract foreign capital.

3 - There is great ease in the procedures for buying real estate in Turkey, in addition to the distribution of government institutions, and this is a great service for citizens.

4 - After purchasing the property, you can apply for a real estate residence permit (obtaining it does not require conditions related to price or space).

5 - If the value of the property is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more, you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship.

6 - In light of crises and the change in the value of the local currency against the US dollar, real estate is considered a safe portfolio of funds because the rate of its impact is small.


Important tips when buying a property in Turkey:

- Determine your goal of the property well.

- Be aware of your financial budget so that you do not run into costs that were not in your accounts.

- Hire a real estate expert or trusted real estate company to help you find the right property.

- If you do not have enough balance to pay for the property in cash, you can buy a property in installments.

- Take field tours to visit the most important real estate projects.


In this article, we talked about all kinds of real estate that you can find in Turkey, and also pointed out its most important advantages and some important tips that you should take into account.

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