The cheapest apartments for sale in Turkey 2022

What do you think, can you find cheap apartments for sale in Turkey? Or is real estate in this country too expensive and suitable only for the rich?

In this regard, what we can tell you is that with real estate, a low budget is not a problem, if it is small, especially if we are talking about real estate in Turkey, as it witnesses a great diversity that suits everyone without exception.


How do I find cheap apartments for sale in Turkey?

If your budget is not high and you want to buy a cheap apartment in Turkey, you should follow some rules and tips on this subject, and this is what we will discuss in the next paragraph.

1 - The prices of real estate in an area are related to its nature, so is it touristy? Residential? investment? commercial? industrial?

2 - Is the property located in one of the central areas of the city or in remote areas? The closer to the city center, the higher the prices.

3 - If you want to buy cheap apartments, avoid looking for distinctive views, such as the sea or those overlooking the green spaces.

4 - Do not choose to buy an apartment in an area close to tourist places or huge projects such as airports - bridges - transportation networks - highways - schools - universities - health centers.

5 - Apartment specifications, is it modern or old? How many rooms? How many balconies for the apartment? Are the decorations modern? Each of these elements has a role in determining the value of the property, so you should pay close attention to them.

6 - Ready made properties are more expensive than properties under construction. If you are unable to pay the value of the property in cash, you can choose the installment offers or under construction.

In the context of talking about real estate prices in Turkey, it should be noted that prices in Turkey are low compared to prices in other countries such as Europe or America and in some Arab countries, and it is a promising investment opportunity for many investors and capital owners or for those looking for a safe and stable life .

You have to know not only the low real estate prices, but also the cost of living, as it is possible to obtain a comfortable and integrated life, and that the level that you will get is no less important than what you will get in the countries of Europe.


What are the advantages of buying cheap real estate in Turkey?

Have you thought about the advantages that will be yours when buying a cheap property? If you think that your choice will be devoid of advantages, then you are very wrong, as it is considered an opportunity for many people.

1 - Buying a cheap property in one of the Turkish regions is better than paying exorbitant rents for the luxury areas.

2 - What we mean by a region being  cheap, this does not mean that it will remain as it is forever, but rather that prices fluctuate constantly and are likely to rise in the future.

3 - Most of the urban transformation projects are moving towards cheap areas.

4 - A good start to launch a real estate investment project, because despite the low returns that you will get, it is a good start.

5 - Many of the expenses that you pay in luxury real estate and residential complexes are not found in those areas, and therefore you will have saved a lot of money.

6 - It is possible to obtain a real estate residence permit.


Where to find cheap apartments for sale in Turkey?

You can find many suitable areas and offers to achieve your goal of buying a cheap apartment in Turkey and in all cities and states without exception. Istanbul is one of the most important cities that are being researched because of its wonderful geography and its vast number of areas, which amount to 39 areas? But you may be wondering, should you look at the Asian side or the European side? In both sections, affordable real estate and apartments are available, the most famous of which are Beylikdüzü, Esenyurt, Silivri and others.


The importance of buying real estate in Turkey:

Let us tell you that today, in reality, you can buy an apartment in Turkey at a low or favorable price. As for the future, it is expected that it will record a significant increase in its prices in the coming days for several reasons, most notably the increase in demand for it significantly and also due to the high population density.

According to many statistics, the percentage of foreigners' ownership of real estate in Turkey is constantly increasing, as they are attracted by the many facilities offered by the Turkish government and the privileges they will obtain.


What contributes to the decline in real estate prices in Turkey?

There are many reasons and factors that made real estate prices in Turkey acceptable and cheap, and here are the most prominent ones.

- The large number of real estate projects that made there an abundance of offers and that matched the volume of demand.

- The real estate appraisal document is one of the controls that determine the value of the property accurately and has worked to control real estate prices in the country.

- The impact of the Corona pandemic on the real estate sector in Turkey cannot be overlooked, as due to the decline in the demand for its purchase, its prices fell somewhat.

- Construction companies offer many special offers and high discounts.

Are cheap apartments low quality? This is what any buyer will ask. So if he chooses to buy a cheap apartment, he will get quality and specifications that are not distinguished, certainly not. The most important construction companies build their projects in a modern style that suits everyone without exception, but it may be somewhat far from city centers.


If your budget is low and you want to buy a cheap apartment in Turkey, but you do not have enough experience to start searching for it, you can contact us to present you with the most important and most prominent offers suitable for you and your aspirations.

The real estate market in Turkey is a wide field and full of diverse options. Take field tours to get a broad idea of ​​what is there before you choose.