The best areas to buy real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most prosperous Turkish cities in the field of real estate, how not, and it is characterized by being the owner of the most luxurious and finest Turkish real estate, as it is the first destination for foreign and Arab tourists, in addition to all these advantages, it is the only city located on two continents (the continent Asia and the continent of Europe) and the Asian section is characterized by the beauty of its nature and its vast green spaces, and we have dedicated this article to you to talk about the best areas for buying real estate in the  Asian side of Istanbul... So let's start

The most important areas for buying real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul:

If you want to buy your dream home in a place of beauty that has an address, and it has large green spaces and a distinct view, then your choice will undoubtedly fall on the real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul, But the Asian section of Istanbul is very large, so where should you start your search? Once you have finished reading this article, you will have known the best areas to buy real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul.


First - the Umraniye area:

The Umraniye area is considered one of the best areas for buying real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul, as it has the finest and most luxurious real estate projects that provide the people residing in it with the opportunity to live a peaceful life filled with tranquility away from the congestion, and we do not hide it from you that the prices of real estate in the Umraniye area are relatively high in order to be suitable with its many advantages.

Also, the Umraniye area has all kinds of transportation that facilitate the movement between Umraniye and other areas in Istanbul, given that Umraniye has a developed infrastructure, On its side, the TEM highway and metro line pass, in addition to the availability of buses and taxis.


Second - Uskudar Region:

Real estate investment in the Uskudar area is characterized by many options and enjoys abundant profits. Let us not forget that the Uskudar region has a distinctive strategic location in the Asian section of Istanbul, as it is characterized by its charming views of the Bosphorus Strait.

With regard to the matter of education in the Uskudar region, it includes a huge number of primary schools, middle and secondary schools, and even universities, whether private or public.

In addition to the fact that the Uskudar region contains health institutions and hospitals with a global reputation, which are equipped with the latest treatment and medical methods, as well as all specialties.

Also, the Uskudar region sits on the throne of the tourist areas in Istanbul because of its tourist attractions with a great history, most notably (Camlica Hill), which tourists flock to from all over the world due to its dazzling views, picturesque nature and calm atmosphere away from crowding.

Third - Kadikoy Region:

This region has many factors that qualify it to be one of the best areas for buying real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul, including: the diverse and advanced means of transportation, the availability of all service facilities from schools, universities, hospitals and health centers, in addition to the presence of many places and recreational facilities such as restaurants that offer delicious food and hotels that provide multiple services to guests.

And there are many other areas that we do not want to wrong anyone, but here our article has ended.. With our hopes that it included information about the best areas for buying real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul, that would have benefited you.


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