The best areas for real estate investment in Istanbul

If you want to invest in real estate in Istanbul, you are in front of many options and important areas. If this is one of the topics that interest you, you can follow the following article with us, in which we will talk about the most important regions of the European and Asian side in that city.


Take a look at the real estate investment areas in Istanbul:

Whether you choose the European side or the Asian side, you should know that they contain many modern and high-end real estate projects that suit everyone's tastes. Below we review together their most important areas.

1 - Real Estate Investment - Basin Express:

If you look closely, you will not find it an area as the word means, but rather an intersection of two streets that connect the areas of Istanbul with each other.

The owners of important companies have chosen to be their headquarters and also that many construction companies are working on constructing their residential complexes and luxury buildings.

As for the main reason that made it a haven for real estate investment, it is its great proximity to Istanbul's new airport, which contributed to raising the value of investment in it.

And add to your information that work is underway to develop and modernize its infrastructure and expand its transportation network.

It is expected that construction work and the construction of real estate projects will continue, and this is a clear signal to all investors and those looking for properties for sale in Istanbul to head to it for their investment opportunity.


2 - Real Estate Investment - Beyoglu:

Although it is one of the ancient historical areas, it does not lack manifestations of development and modernity, and in the recent period the urban movement in it has increased significantly.

In it, you will find a great variety of real estate and this harmonious mixture of history and modernity will surprise you, and it is characterized by its geographical location in the middle of Istanbul, and therefore it is easy to reach.

It attracts local residents, tourists, foreign investors and businessmen, and the demand for its real estate is great, especially with this diversity that it witnesses (residential - commercial real estate) and also includes many important hotels.


3 - Real Estate Investment - Kartal:

What do you think of looking at one of the most important areas of the Asian side in Istanbul? Kartal is one of its most prominent areas, and what added to its importance was its view of the Marmara Sea.

It is the right choice for those looking for a quiet life far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and it has recently become a magnet for investors and businessmen after construction companies went there to build their most important projects.

It is rich in service facilities that meet the needs of all its residents, such as health centers, schools and universities, and you will find many important bank branches in it.


4 - Real Estate Investment - Beylikduzu:

It is one of the newest areas of Istanbul and is located in the European part of it, as it includes the most important high-end real estate projects at all, as many high-end and distinguished complexes were built in it. It also has a view of the Marmara Sea and offers green spaces.

Be completely confident that you will not only find an abundance of real estate projects in it, but also a great diversity to suit all tastes. What makes it an ideal environment for real estate investment is that its real estate prices are low compared to other areas of Istanbul. (Some investors considered it a good start in real estate investing.)

In the past, it was not one of the preferred areas because of its distance from the city center, but today, after the Metrobus line passed through it, this is no longer a problem and it is easy to reach it at any time.

Real estate prices in it will record a clear increase in the coming period due to the increased demand for it, as well as a result of its proximity to the most important infrastructure projects in the city.


5 - Real Estate Investment - Umraniye :

In the recent period, Umraniye witnessed a great urban acceleration that caught the attention of many investors, in addition to the fact that many important companies chose to build their headquarters there.

In it, you will find high-end residential and commercial complexes that suit everyone, and this is what encouraged investors to go there.


6 - Real Estate Investment - Sisli:

Due to its importance, it has been able to attract many seekers of real estate for sale in Istanbul. It contains many projects that are suitable for real estate investment, and a large part of them are suitable for families because of their large areas.

As for real estate prices in it, they are somewhat high due to its strategic geographical location on the European side of the city.


Advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul:

Away from the areas of this city and its specifications, there are general advantages to investing in it, and this is what we will explain through the following paragraph:

- Population density (it ranked fifth in the world in terms of population density).

- Its geographical area is wide and also extends over two continents (Asia and Europe).

- It includes one of the largest airports in the world (Istanbul New Airport).

- The project of the era (the new Istanbul Water Canal) is being built, which will have an impact on the Turkish economy and on various fields and sectors.

- The Turkish government has expanded its transportation network and built new metro lines in order to accommodate the large population.

- It is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world thanks to its historical and archaeological landmarks, in addition to the various aspects of nature.


Important tips when buying a property in Istanbul:

1 - If you do not have a sufficient budget, you can choose to buy a property in installments.

2 - It is necessary to deal with one of the important real estate companies to help you choose the property.

3 - You have to know that the cheap areas cannot offer you the profits that you dream of.

4 - Before you choose, read as many real estate offers as possible and their features.


At Evek Real Estate, we are pleased to help you start your real estate investment in Istanbul by providing the right property for you, your desires and goals. If you have any questions about this topic, contact us and we will provide you with the exact answers.