Steps to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul

In this article, we will answer one of the common questions asked by those who wish to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul (what are the correct steps to follow in order to buy an apartment in Istanbul)?

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How do I search for apartments for sale in Istanbul?

If you want to buy a property or an apartment in a huge city like Istanbul, there are a set of steps to be followed to buy an apartment in a huge city like Istanbul, which we present to you in the following paragraph.

First: You have to determine your available budget. Is it sufficient to pay the value of the property in cash? Or will you need to take out a loan from the bank? Or does it suit you to buy an apartment in installments?

Second: You must define your goal for the apartment. Do you want housing? Or real estate investing? The acquisition of Turkish citizenship? Or to stay in it during the tourist seasons?

Third: Deal with a trusted real estate expert to provide you with accurate information about the available real estate projects and also provide you with the most important and best suitable offers.

Fourth: You have to choose the projects that suit your goal and your financial balance and avoid, as much as possible.

Fifthly: When we talk about the city of Istanbul, we are referring to a large and multi-region city, and therefore you should look at the features and specifications of each of them before determining the appropriate one for you.

Sixth: It is necessary to make field tours to visit the most important and prominent real estate projects available. You will benefit from these tours to get an idea of ​​the available specifications and prices.

Seventh: After you have found the right property, you must carry out routine procedures such as preparing sales contracts and determining the method in which you will pay for the property (cash or installments?).

Eighth: After agreeing on all the details, you must pay part of the price of the property (called a deposit).

Ninth: The sales contract must be signed between the seller and the buyer in the presence of two witnesses.

Tenth: Preparing the required official documents such as the tax number, and then opening an account in a bank in Turkey.

Extracting the real estate appraisal document from one of the parties that obtained a license from the Turkish government, and finally extracting the title deed of the property from the Real Estate Registry Directorate.


Some notes when buying an apartment in Istanbul:

There are a number of tips and notes that have been provided to those who wish to own real estate in Istanbul or in other Turkish cities, and these are among the most prominent.

1 - You must see the legal status of the property. Is there any problem arising from it? (What is meant here is the problem of mortgage or real estate reservation).

2 - When you want to invest in real estate, you must choose a distinguished and strategic geographic location. (The more important the site, the more profitable you get.)

3 - Choose a high-end look that is in high demand, such as the marine or the jungle, as it is the most in demand.

4 - Make sure to sign all documents and contracts in an official department (the Real Estate Title Department). Any document issued by others is considered illegal, even if it was issued by a notary public.

5 - Make sure to extract the real estate appraisal report to know the real property value and not be a victim of fraud.

6 - See the laws related to the purchase of real estate by foreigners and all the amendments that are constantly issued, and ask the experts about any questions you have.

7 - Get to know the real property owner by reviewing the title deed directorate or by looking at the title deed.

8 - Make sure that the specifications mentioned in the title deed are identical with what is available on the ground.

9 - If you choose to buy an apartment in installments, check your ability to make the payments on the agreed date so as not to face fines.

10 - You should study your financial balance well, does what you own cover the expenses of ownership? So that you do not find any expenses that were not included in your accounts later.


Why are you looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul?

Recently, the number of people looking for real estate and apartments for sale in Turkey in general, and in Istanbul in particular, has increased significantly, and it has maintained its leading position (the best-selling city for real estate in Turkey), and this is the most prominent positive aspect that the buyer gets.

1 - Turkey is witnessing a recovery on both the economic and political levels, and this was an incentive for construction companies to build their projects and for the investor, who was guaranteed the profits and returns that he would get.

2 - One of the important tourism destinations in the world due to the presence of mountains - plateaus - gardens - parks - historical and archaeological monuments - temperate climate.

3- There is a wide variety of real estate and apartments, their styles, specifications, views, locations and other details.

4 - The prices of apartments in Istanbul are not very high, but are suitable in contrast to other countries.

5 - Expectations that indicate a rise in real estate prices during the coming period in Turkey indicates the importance of real estate investment in it to obtain distinctive profits and returns.


In addition to all the above-mentioned advantages, there are the facilities provided by the Turkish government, such as tax reduction, ease of ownership procedures, obtaining real estate residence and the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property worth two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars.


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