Real estate investment in Basaksehir is an unmissable opportunity

Istanbul has always been known as the best Turkish city in many respects, but what caught the attention of people around it is that it is developing day after day in the field of real estate investment, and the reason for this is because it contains many beautiful areas, which in turn includes a huge number of luxury properties, One of the most famous and most prestigious of these areas is the Basaksehir area, where real estate investment in Basaksehir is an unmissable opportunity, but why?!! If you want to know the answer, you should read the article to the end to ensure that no information has been missed.


Real estate investment in Basaksehir:

The Turkish state seeks to provide the Basaksehir region with luxury real estate projects, as well as the ingredients that help in this, Including its strategic location, which we will talk about in detail later, as for real estate prices in the Basaksehir area, they vary according to the specifications and location of the property in addition to its area as well, but in general its prices are suitable for most budgets and groups of society.

Basaksehir District Location:

Basaksehir is distinguished by its location in the European section of Istanbul, and it is a lively area and activities as a result of its proximity to the most famous areas in Istanbul, as it is bordered on the north by Arnavutkoy district, from the northeastern side by the Eyup Sultan area, and from the eastern side Sultangazi region, and from the south side it is bordered by Bagcilar region, and from the southwest side it is bordered by Esenyurt region.


Service facilities in Basaksehir:

Due to the efforts of the Turkish state in developing the Basaksehir area and providing it with all the good services, which is the first thing that a person wishing to invest in real estate in Basaksehir asks about, we have collected for you the most important of these services and recreational facilities.. Let's get acquainted with them.

First the schools:

The Basaksehir area in the city of Istanbul includes many educational centers, the most important of which are schools and universities. They are remarkably spread out, and they are as follows:

_ Huda International Schools:

It consists of five Turkish and international schools in one complex, and it includes all educational levels (kindergarten, and then the primary stage, then the preparatory stage, and then the secondary stage), and the teachers there are highly trained professionals, with a high level of experience and competence. This is in addition to the fact that the educational curriculum is explained in Turkish, English and Arabic, and therefore Al-Huda International Schools are suitable for many nationalities.

 Secondly - for hospitals:

Basaksehir has good health services, as it contains many hospitals and health centers, the most important of which are:

_ Acibadem Basaksehir Hospital:

It is one of the most famous hospitals in the Basaksehir area, where there are many centers (11 IVF centers and 24 cancer centers), which distinguishes it from the rest of the hospitals in the Basaksehir area, as it contains five organ transplant centers (bone, liver, kidneys and marrow).


We are afraid that we have wronged some other facilities that we could not talk about. This article included adequate information about the Basaksehir area, which is one of the most famous and most beautiful areas in Istanbul, and real estate investment in Basaksehir is an unmissable opportunity to seize.


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