Istanbul real estate is the perfect choice for investment

Throughout the year, the city of Istanbul attracts thousands of foreigners and investors from different countries of the world in order to invest and own real estate, and their choice of it was not just a random choice, but rather a natural result of the features of this city.

Everything related to Istanbul real estate and investment in it can be found through the article that we will present to you right away.


Advantages of investing in Istanbul real estate:

In your opinion, what are the advantages that a real estate investor can have in Istanbul, and what distinguishes it from other Turkish states?

At the outset, it must be noted that real estate in Istanbul is characterized by its great diversity, which has been well received by the audience of investors and those interested in the field of real estate, and according to some statistics, the most requested types of real estate are apartments in residential complexes and the reason for this is due to:

They are designed according to the latest modern technologies and international standards.

It is accompanied by the most important services and recreational aspects that provide the residents with an integrated and upscale life.

Life in it is safe because it is provided with all means of security, such as guards, surveillance cameras, and alarms.

These complexes are distinguished by a charming geographical location and a stunning sea or forest view.

On the other hand, real estate prices in Istanbul are low compared to real estate prices in European cities of similar importance and status.

Whoever buys a property in Istanbul gets the general privileges offered by the Turkish government, such as real estate residency, Turkish citizenship, and ease of ownership procedures.

One of the things that encourages real estate investment in Istanbul is that it is one of the cities with a high population density and has ranked fifth in terms of population.

When we talk about Istanbul, we are referring to the economic capital of the Turkish state and the financial center in which there are many job opportunities and receives hundreds of foreigners from different countries of the world every month.

It is a destination for many students who prefer to enroll in its public and private universities, as well as for foreigners to receive treatment in its hospitals, after it witnessed a great renaissance in its medical field.

The geographical location of the Turkish state also played an important role in attracting foreigners and Arabs, especially as it extends over the continent of Asia and Europe.


The importance of real estate investment in Turkey:

Investing in real estate is one of the most important investment options in general for many reasons, including:

- Real estate does not lose its material value, but rather increases constantly. 

- The demand for real estate cannot be interrupted, so it can be rented out and get a monthly return, or it can be resold at a price higher than what you bought it for.

- The real estate sector in Turkey is witnessing a significant increase and growth, as you find many special offers available for sale. Construction companies are racing among themselves to provide the highest specifications.


How to get a profitable real estate investment in Istanbul?

You cannot get your distinguished investment in Istanbul without following some important steps, which we will talk about in the next paragraph.

1 - The distinguished geographical location is the basis for the success of real estate investment, so you must choose it carefully.

2 - It is necessary to move towards areas experiencing rapid real estate and urban growth.

3 - The areas near Istanbul's new airport or the new Istanbul Water Canal, where real estate prices have increased significantly.

4 - Areas close to famous and historical tourist attractions, which are distinguished by their distinctive view, sometimes on the sea, and at other times on the green spaces and parks.

5- New properties are better than resale properties for real estate investment, and their prices are constantly increasing.

6 - You must deal with one of the important real estate companies to help you obtain distinctive real estate opportunities and to benefit from its distinguished relations with construction companies.

7 - The successful investor is the one who is keen to buy distinguished properties with high-end specifications at the lowest prices.

8 - You should be keen to sell the property at higher prices than you bought it.


It is worth noting that if you do not have enough financial balance to buy a property and pay its value in cash, you should choose to buy a property under construction, as it is cheaper than ready-made properties in stages, and after the construction stages are completed, its price increases by a large percentage ranging between 30% and 70%.

It is also possible to search for real estate for sale in Istanbul in areas far from the city center for those who cannot buy high-priced properties, as it has witnessed a wide urban renaissance such as Beylikdüzü, which is located on the European side, and the value of real estate investment in it has increased after it was supplied with the Metrobus line, as well as an area Silivri is a good option for investment and is characterized by its rustic character and spacious villas overlooking the Marmara Sea.


The most important areas of Istanbul for real estate investment:

Before deciding to buy your property in Istanbul, you should have a good look at the areas on the Asian and European sides and take an idea of ​​the importance and features of each of them. Below we will provide you with some information that interests you about them.

The Basaksehir district, which is located on the European side, is considered one of the most important and most prestigious areas of Istanbul, the most developed and modern, and is characterized by its luxurious residential complexes and advanced infrastructure.

Sariyer - Besiktas - Maslak - Zakariakoy - Uskudar - Sisli is one of the most important areas suitable for those looking for luxury and high-end life.


The best real estate investment opportunities in Istanbul we offer to our clients and provide them with a set of tips and advice that helps them achieve high profits.

The real estate market in Istanbul is full of great options that are suitable for you and your goals. Do not hesitate before seizing your chance.