Important tips when buying an apartment in Turkey 2022

As a natural result of the great urban growth and acceleration that the real estate sector is witnessing in Turkey, it has become one of the most important and prominent countries suitable for real estate investment and real estate purchase.

As the demand for buying real estate in Turkey has increased, there are many questions about it, and there are those who ask and need advice and assistance to make their choice right.

Through this article, we will provide you with the most important and prominent tips and advice that you need and that should be taken into consideration when searching for real estate for sale in Turkey.


Follow these tips when buying an apartment in Turkey:

The smart investor is the one who searches, asks and inquires about everything related to real estate ownership in Turkey before he buys and signs the contract in order to avoid making mistakes.

First: Find a reliable real estate company:

The buyer must deal with an experienced and well-known real estate company in the real estate market in Turkey, and this rule applies to foreigners and Turks, especially if they do not have prior knowledge or sufficient information regarding the real estate field in Turkey.

These companies provide investors with many important services, the most important of which are:

It saves a lot of time and effort on the buyer.

It offers the most prominent and most important real estate and investment opportunities.

It listens to their desires and goals and works to achieve them.

It protects them from falling victim to manipulation and fraud.

It Provides them with the most important tips and advice.


Second: Invest your property in a thoughtful way:

There are many ways to invest in real estate in Turkey and through them you can get abundant profit and rewarding returns.

1 - Renting a property allows you to obtain distinctive profits in light of the high population density in Turkey and the increasing demand for its real estate.

2 - Reselling the property after a period of time has passed, making you benefit from the price difference that will result between the buying and selling stages.

Make sure to buy a high-end and modern property at reasonable prices, and when you want to sell it, choose the time when the prices are high.


Third: Make sure to obtain the real estate appraisal document:

Earlier, this document was not obligatory for everyone who wanted to buy real estate in Turkey, but was only for those who wanted to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, but today it has become an obligation for everyone who wants to buy real estate for several reasons.

Regulate real estate prices.

Prevent sellers from manipulating prices.

The investor is given security.

Accurately determine the price of the property.

* Pay attention, this document can only be extracted from the authorities that have a license from the Turkish government.


Fourth: Review the legal status of the property:

Ask about the legal status of the property. Is there any problem arising from it, such as seizure or mortgage, or perhaps an inheritance problem (the presence of any of them negatively affects the value of the property, its price, and its investment importance, and add to your information that it is difficult to sell it in the future).

You can only discover the existence of such details through the help of a specialized and expert lawyer or when you return to the Land Registry Directorate, because they are not mentioned in the title deed.


Fifth: Important notes when buying an apartment under construction:

It is possible that you do not have a sufficient financial budget in order to pay the value of the property in cash, and this does not mean that you give up the idea of ​​​​purchasing, but there are many other options, the most important of which are (apartments under construction).

Make sure it is important for the company you are dealing with to be famous and reputable.

Make sure to include all the terms and conditions that were agreed upon in the contract.

Ask for guarantees as the company may not have the possibility to complete construction.

Make sure you can make all payments on time so you don't have to pay fines.

After the construction stages are completed, the price of the apartment will increase between 20% and 30%.


Sixth: Take tours to visit real estate projects:

Among the most prominent steps of real estate ownership in Turkey that you must adhere to is to take field tours to see the most important residential and investment projects to choose what suits you in terms of specifications and prices.


Seventh: Ask yourself why I want to buy the property:

Do you want housing and accommodation? Or real estate investing? Obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The criteria for choosing a property varies according to its intended purpose.

If you want to live in, you must choose what suits you in terms of space, specifications, number of rooms, location, and so on from many details.

As for real estate investment, you must choose strategic vital locations that record an increase in real estate prices.

In the event that you are seeking to obtain Turkish citizenship, you must search in the appropriate projects for the conditions for obtaining it.


Eighth: Choose the area of ​​the apartment carefully:

It is recommended that you choose the apartment space to meet your needs only, especially if you want to invest in real estate, as small or medium spaces are in great demand, unlike large spaces.

Also, the apartment, which has a small area, can be sold easily in the future if you want to.


Ninth: New real estate is better for investment:

Did you know that new or new real estate is one of the best options for real estate investment to get an abundant profit? There are many high-end special offers with modern designs, it is preferable to choose areas that are witnessing an urbanization acceleration and real estate development.


All the information you are looking for in the field of real estate in Turkey or on the issue of Turkish citizenship, we are keen to present it to you through our articles, visit our website constantly to get all new.