How to obtain Turkish citizenship 2022

Did you know that one of the most important advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship is that it can be obtained in more than one way? This is what encouraged foreigners and investors to choose it, in addition to the many privileges they will get.

If you have any questions about this topic, you should follow up with us in the following article, in which we will present to you the most important things related to Turkish citizenship, starting with the methods of obtaining it and ending with its advantages.


How do I obtain Turkish citizenship?

If you are wondering how to obtain that citizenship, you can follow the following paragraphs in which we will talk about this aspect.

Real estate investment is one of the most important means of obtaining Turkish citizenship, and the value of the property must be two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars + a pledge not to sell it before three years have passed.

It can also be obtained upon commercial investment of five hundred thousand dollars for a period of three years, or by depositing an amount of no less than five hundred thousand dollars.

Marriage to a Turkish citizen is considered one of the most important means of obtaining any foreign nationality, and not only Turkish citizenship, but it will not be obtained until after three years have passed until it is confirmed that the marriage is real and not fictitious.

A foreigner can also obtain this nationality in the event of adoption and upon proof of Ottoman origins after submitting all papers and documents confirming this.

It can also be obtained when establishing a business and employing fifty Turkish people or in an exceptional way (the foreigner must submit an achievement that benefits the state).


What are the most important conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

There is no doubt that obtaining this citizenship is an easy matter that does not require many procedures, but this does not negate the existence of many conditions that must be adhered to, which are the following:

- The applicant must not be over the legal age and be of sound mind.

- He must not be carrying a communicable disease that threatens public health.

- He should not have been involved in a criminal offense.

- He must be well versed in the Turkish language.

- He must have a source of livelihood sufficient for himself and his family or the persons - responsible for their maintenance.

- He must reside in Turkey for five consecutive years.

- He must provide evidence and documents that confirm his sincerity of intent to live in Turkey.


What is the importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Surely now you are wondering what advantages you will get when you hold Turkish citizenship? This is what we will mention now.

1 - One of the first of these advantages is that you will retain the nationality of the country to which you belong, and then benefit from the advantages of both nationalities at the same time.

2 - It is possible to enjoy all the privileges that a Turkish citizen obtains, such as medical and health services.

3 - Voting in elections, participating in political life, and running for distinguished positions.

4 - It is possible to get a job in both the public and private sectors.

5 - It is obtained by all family members (wife and children under the age of eighteen).

6 - Benefit from the retirement program (for the elderly over the age of 65).

7 - Ease of completing official transactions and buying real estate without waiting for security approval.

8 - Issued within three months only from the date of submission.

9 - Turkey is an ideal environment for living and stability, where all the elements of a typical life are available.


Facilities provided by the Turkish government to obtain Turkish citizenship:

The Turkish government has spared no effort to help foreigners obtain Turkish citizenship. The most prominent amendments issued in this regard are in late 2018. The decision stipulated the following:

- The price of the property that complies with the conditions for obtaining citizenship should be two hundred and fifty thousand dollars instead of one million.

- Five hundred thousand dollars instead of 2 million to get it through financial investment.

- Five hundred thousand US dollars instead of three million.

- Employing 50 fifty Turkish employees instead of 100.


Why is real estate the best way to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate is one of the most common ways, and most of those looking for real estate for sale in Turkey aim to obtain it for several reasons, including appropriate real estate prices, low costs of living in Turkey, ease of real estate ownership procedures, and other reasons.

But there are many conditions that must be adhered to in order for the property to be suitable for applying, which are as follows:

- We have previously talked about the fact that the property price should be a minimum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

- You must buy the property from a Turkish citizen, and if you bought it from a foreigner, it will not be suitable to obtain it.

- You should make sure that the property has not been used to obtain citizenship earlier.

- Extract the real estate appraisal document in order to know the real property value.

- The value of the property should be paid through a bank in Turkey.

Among the encouraging reasons for obtaining Turkish citizenship is the Turkish economy, which ranked second in terms of its rapid growth after China, political stability, advanced infrastructure, unique geographical location, mild climate and many other motives.


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