How to obtain real estate residence in Turkey 2022

How to obtain real estate residency in Turkey is one of the many topics that foreigners and investors are looking for and enchanting, so we found it necessary to be the focus of our next article in which we will highlight the most important importance of this residency - conditions for obtaining it - the possibility of its renewal and a lot of other information that interests you about this subject.


Before we start talking about that residency, it is necessary to mention some important points that prompted foreigners to obtain that residency.

First of all, those who wish to obtain this residence will have the intention to live and settle in Turkey due to its specifications - its components - its nature - its future.

If you are wondering about the best and most important ways that allow you to reside and settle in Turkey, real estate residency is the best, especially with this movement and activity in the real estate market in Turkey and provides many distinctive real estate opportunities.

Add to your information that the Turkish government offers many facilities and incentives to foreigners wishing to own real estate in Turkey, such as tax exemption and ease of real estate ownership procedures.


How do I get real estate residence in Turkey?

Real estate residency can be obtained quickly and easily, as it is one of the best types of residency at all, and although it is of short duration, it can be renewed annually as long as the foreigner owns the property.

A foreigner can obtain it by buying a property in one of the Turkish states, provided that it is intended for housing, and there are no other conditions related to its price like in the Turkish citizenship case.

Whoever holds this residence will get many advantages such as the right to reside on Turkish land in a legal manner without being subjected to a violation, as well as he can move between Turkish states and if he wants to travel outside Turkey, there is no problem with that and he will not need to obtain a visa.

Also, this residence will not be for the owner of the property only, but also for all members of his family, but within specific conditions, which are as follows:

The children must be under the age of eighteen years.

It can only be granted to one wife if the foreigner is married to more than one woman.

Among the advantages of obtaining this residency is that after eight years, it is possible to apply for permanent residency.


Important tips when buying a property in order to obtain real estate residence in Turkey:

As a result of your insufficient knowledge and thorough study of the real estate market in Turkey and what is related to it, you may be a victim of real estate fraud, so you must pay attention to some details and matters when buying a property in order to obtain that residence.

1 - Have a good look at the property and inspect it and make sure of its location - its area - its specifications, does it suit you?

2 - Check its legal status, as there may be problems arising from it, such as seizure or mortgage, and so on, by going to the Land Registry Directorate.

3 - Be sure to get to know the real estate owner, because one of the most dangerous forms of real estate fraud is impersonation of the real owner.

4 - Do not pay the full price of the property before you get the title deed.

5 - Do not give up the purchase of your property through a reliable real estate company.


The most important conditions for obtaining real estate residence:

If you wish to obtain this residence, you must comply with the following conditions.

We have already mentioned that the property must be intended for housing.

The foreigner must not be one of the nationalities prohibited by Turkish law from owning property in Turkey.

The property must not be located within military or security areas.

His property in Turkey shall not exceed thirty hectares.


Documents required to obtain real estate residency:

Title deed of the property.

The foreigner's passport must be valid for at least six months.

A health insurance policy for both the property owner and his family members.

A family statement and it must be translated into Turkish and certified by the notary public.

Receipt of payment of the required fee.

Extracting a tax number.

Personal photos (4 digits).

After submitting the required papers and documents, you must wait three months before obtaining them.


It is worth noting that there is an intersection between the tourist and real estate residences with many qualities and advantages, but real estate is stronger in terms of ease of obtaining and the possibility of renewal.


Why is real estate residence in Turkey special?

Have you wondered about the reasons that push foreigners to obtain such residence in Turkey? In fact, it is a group of reasons, one of the most important.

Real estate prices in Turkey compared to other countries of the world are low, in addition to their high quality and international specifications.

Ease of owning real estate in Turkey after obtaining security approval.

The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship if the price of the property is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more.

If you do not want to live in the property, you can invest it by renting it or reselling it.

The presence of a large real estate diversity to suit all tastes and desires.

A stable environment for residence and living where all the necessities of an ideal life are available.


Important information we have been keen to present to you through this article. We hope that you have obtained the benefit and knowledge that you hope for. Do not forget that among the services we provide to our clients is assistance in extracting all types of residency and providing the best real estate offers.

If your goal is to obtain Turkish citizenship, we will help you find the right property for the required conditions, and we will supervise all legal procedures related to it.