How to get the Turkish passport 2022

The importance of the Turkish passport is a natural result of the many advantages it offers to those who hold it.

We have found it urgent to dedicate this article to it, in which we will discuss all its aspects and advantages, and we will also indicate the ways to obtain it and its types as well.

If this is one of the topics that you are interested in, you can follow these lines with us.


Check out how to obtain a Turkish passport?

Before we start talking about ways to obtain this passport, it must be noted that an application for it can be submitted directly after obtaining Turkish citizenship.

1 - It can be obtained when buying a property with a value of no less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars + the obligation not to sell it before the lapse of three years.

2 - Upon commercial investment of five hundred thousand US dollars for a period of three years.

3 - If you deposit an amount of five hundred thousand US dollars or more in a Turkish bank for a period of three years.

4 - When marrying a Turkish citizen, but you must wait for three years before submitting the application until it is confirmed that this marriage is real.

You can also obtain it in the exceptional way, where the Turkish presidency or one of the concerned authorities issues a decision to grant Turkish citizenship to some foreigners in certain cases (such as a person who presented an innovation or achievement to Turkey that had positive effects)

*Important note: The methods mentioned above are among the methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship that give the foreigner the right to obtain a Turkish passport.


What are the main advantages of obtaining a Turkish passport?

When you are a holder of this passport, you will get a lot of privileges, and through the following paragraph, we will explain the whole matter to you.

1 - It is considered one of the most important passports in the world, as it allows its holder to easily navigate and travel to most countries of the world.

2 - Through it, it is possible to enter more than seventy countries in the world without the requirement of obtaining a transit visa.

3 - More than forty countries grant the holder of this passport an automatic visa when he arrives there.

4 - There are also some countries that allow Turkish citizens to obtain an electronic visa.

5 - When you hold this passport, it means that you hold one of the first 20 passports in the world.

6 - Those who hold this passport can benefit from the advantages and services enjoyed by the Turkish citizen.

7 - The Turkish passport is long-term (ten years), and when it expires, it can be renewed.

 8 - It is possible to participate in elections and to run for important job positions, whether in the public or private sector.

9 - Also, whoever holds it can retain his mother's nationality and obtain the privileges offered by both.

10 - It is obtained quickly with a period of time not exceeding a month.


Reasons for foreigners to obtain a Turkish passport:

There are a number of reasons that encourage foreigners and investors to obtain a Turkish passport. We are keen to collect them for you through the following lines.

1 - Geographical location of Turkey:

- Turkey is located on two continents (Asian and European) and is also close to the Arab world and the African continent.

- This characteristic indicates the ease of movement between countries with ease.

- The investor can link his business between East and West.

2 - An ideal environment for stability:

- After obtaining citizenship and passport, you will be able to enjoy a high life.

- Turkey is witnessing great development in all its educational - medical - recreational fields.

3 - Low cost of living:

- Did you know that despite all the advantages that you will get when living in Turkey, the cost of living is rather low.

- In the European Union, the costs are very high and do not suit everyone.

4 - The booming Turkish economy:

- Turkey is one of the most powerful countries on the economic front.

- It contains the most important strategic projects in the world.

- Istanbul New Airport is one of the largest airports in the world.

- Work is underway to build the new Istanbul Water Canal, which is an important project.


Learn about the types of Turkish passport:

Did you know that this passport has four types, which are listed below:

1 - The red passport:

- It is the ordinary passport that is granted to all Turkish citizens.

- It is obtained by foreigners with Turkish citizenship..


2 - The black passport:

- It is called a diplomatic passport.

- It is given to a specific class of persons such as presidents and members of the Constitutional Court.


3 - The green passport:

- The special or green passport is granted to the category of government employees.

- Ministers and MPs who are retired get it.


4 - Gray passport:

- It is a stamped passport and is granted to a specific category only.

- It is obtained by those who leave Turkey to perform a mission abroad in a foreign country.

- Such as ambassadors - consular officials and others.


Turkish passport extraction mechanism:

There are specific procedures that you must follow to obtain a Turkish passport, which are as follows:

- An appointment must be taken from the Registry Department in Turkey (either online or by calling the designated number).

- You must go to the Turkish Post in order to pay the costs of obtaining the passport.

- You must bring personal photos + personal ID + old passport, if any.

- A maximum of one week after the appointment, the passport will be sent to the foreigner's address.


The most important thing you need to know about the Turkish passport is our keenness to present it to you through the following article. We hope it is adequate and answers your inquiries on this subject.