Countries that a Turkish passport can enter in 2022

One of the most prominent advantages of obtaining a Turkish passport is that it allows its holder to enter many countries of the world without the condition of obtaining a visa, and there are also several countries that grant the holder of this passport an automatic visa upon arrival, as well as countries that grant the Turkish citizen an electronic visa.

Through this article, we will introduce you to the countries that provide facilities for the holder of the Turkish passport, as we will indicate the most prominent characteristics and advantages of this passport.

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Learn about the countries you can enter without a visa:

Below we will tell you about the most prominent countries in the world that you can enter without obtaining a transit visa.


Albania - The Bahamas - Barbados - Belarus - Belize - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Botswana - Brazil - Brunei - Chile - Colombia - Dominican - Dominica - El Salvador - Fiji - Gambia - Georgia - Guatemala - Honduras - Hong Kong - Indonesia - Iraq - Jamaica - Japan - Jordan - Kazakhstan - Macau - Kosovo - Moldova - Montenegro - Morocco - Nicaragua - Panama - Palestine - Philippines - Paraguay - Peru - Senegal - Saint Lucia - Singapore - South Korea - South Africa - Thailand - Northern Cyprus - Tunisia - Venezuela - Uruguay.


Countries that grant Turkish passport holder an automatic visa:

About 44 countries around the world grant the Turkish passport holder a visa to enter it automatically upon arrival, and these are the most prominent of them:

Armenia - Azerbaijan - Benin - Bahrain - Bangladesh - Cambodia - Cape Verde - Gabon - Comoros - Kuwait - Lebanon - Libya - Maldives - Madagascar - Mozambique - Mauritania - Palau - Nepal - Sudan - Samoa - Tanzania - Taiwan - Tonga - Tongo - Uganda - Tuvalu - Zimbabwe - Zambia.


Countries that grant Turkish passport holders an electronic visa:

Among the many facilities that were provided to the Turkish citizen, some countries granted him an electronic visa, most notably:

Armenia - Australia - Azerbaijan - Bahrain - Benin - Cambodia - Djibouti - Ethiopia - Guinea Bissau - Gabon - Kenya - Kuwait - Litso - Mexico - Myanmar - Sultanate of Oman - Sri Lanka - Rwanda - Uganda - Zambia.


How to obtain a Turkish passport?

A foreigner can obtain a Turkish passport in more than one way, and this is what we will talk about in the next paragraph.

1 - Real estate investment:

One of the most popular ways to obtain this passport is to invest in real estate with a minimum value of two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars and pledge not to sell it before the lapse of three years.


2 - Commercial Investment:

You will be able to obtain this passport upon commercial investment of five hundred thousand US dollars.

It can be obtained when depositing a minimum amount of five hundred thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank.

You can also get it when you buy bonds or shares worth five hundred thousand dollars.


3 - Marriage:

Marriage is one of the most popular ways to obtain a Turkish passport, but after three years have passed from the date of marriage, (it must be ensured that the purpose of marriage is to form a family).


4 - Employing 50 Turkish people:

You can get this passport when establishing a business and employing 50 Turkish people.


What is the importance of obtaining a Turkish passport?

Foreigners and investors did not rush to obtain the Turkish passport until after they found in it a lot of importance and advantages, the most prominent of which are:

1 - It can be obtained directly after obtaining Turkish citizenship.

2 - Issued within one month only.

3 - The holder can obtain all the privileges that a Turkish citizen obtains.

4 - Ease of travel and movement between countries. It also ranked thirty-seventh globally for the current year 2022 AD.

5 - It is valid for a long term (10 years) and can be easily renewed after its expiry.

6 - It is possible to benefit from all advanced medical services at low prices and costs.

7 - It is also possible to benefit from the international educational systems and to enroll in public or private schools and universities.

8 - You can benefit from the retirement law for the elderly.

9 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship and the Turkish passport allows you to keep the first citizenship.


Turkish passport extraction mechanism:

Check out the steps for obtaining a Turkish passport.

- You should take an appointment with the Turkish Registry Directorate, either through the electronic link that was specified or by calling the designated number (199).

- You must go to one of the Turkish Post's branches in order to pay the fees for extracting it and the costs incurred by it.

- You have to go to the Souls Directorate and submit all the required papers and documents + the fee payment receipt.

- Documents required to obtain a Turkish passport:

- The foreigner's personal identity card and a copy of it.

- Personal photos, which must be recent.

- If you are renewing your passport, you must bring the old one.

- The residence document under which you reside in Turkey.

- A receipt issued by the Turkish Post confirming that you have paid the fees incurred.

- The form that the Turkish employee will submit to you must be filled out with the required information.

- If the applicant is under the legal age, parental consent must be obtained.

- Finally, after completing all the above-mentioned steps, the passport will be sent to the address mentioned when it is issued.

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