Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship 2022

The dream of being dual nationals can be achieved easily with the best nationalities in the world (Turkish citizenship), the Turkish government has provided many facilities for those wishing to obtain it, in contrast to the many difficulties and obstacles that European countries put in place.

What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship? What are the most important advantages that can be obtained when obtaining that citizenship? What are the most prominent ways to obtain that citizenship? Many questions we will give you an answer to in this article, we hope you will be useful and entertained.


See the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

There are a set of general conditions that must be met by those wishing to obtain this citizenship, so you should review them.

The applicant must be over the legal age.

To be in full force and mental awareness.

Not to be a carrier of a dangerous disease that threatens public health.

That it does not constitute a threat to public security.

To reside in Turkey for five years.

To speak Turkish well.

Submit a document confirming the sincerity of intention to settle and live in Turkey permanently.

To have a job that enables him to secure a decent life for himself and his family.


The most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

Through the following paragraph, we will talk about all possible ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, and we will indicate the conditions that must be met.

First: Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:

One of the most important methods of obtaining this citizenship is to buy a property in Turkey for at least two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, in addition to a commitment not to sell it before three years have passed.

There are several conditions that must be met by the right property to obtain citizenship, which are:

Pay the value of the property through a bank in Turkey.

The property must not have been used previously to obtain it.

The property must be purchased from a Turkish entity or a Turkish citizen.

Extracting the real estate appraisal document.

In this context, it is important to note that the Turkish government issued a decision to raise the value of the property suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship to 400 thousand US dollars instead of 250 thousand, so we advise you to seize the opportunity to get it according to the old amount because the decision has not yet been implemented.


Second: Turkish citizenship through commercial investment:

This citizenship can be obtained by starting a financial investment business worth at least five hundred thousand US dollars and continuing this business for at least three years. It is also possible to buy stocks or other types of other investments.


Third: Turkish citizenship through bank deposit:

One of the most popular ways to obtain citizenship is a bank deposit (at least 500 thousand US dollars) for a period of three years.

(Did you know that before the amendments issued in late 2018, the amount should have been at least three million).


Fourth: Turkish citizenship through marriage:

Any foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship by marrying a citizen of the Turkish state and it is not possible to apply for it before the lapse of three years.

The purpose of marriage should be to create a family.

The foreigner should not be a threat to security in Turkey.


Fifth: Turkish citizenship by adoption:

When a foreign family adopts a foreign citizen, he directly obtains Turkish citizenship, but jointly does not pose any danger to security in Turkey and must be under the legal age.


The importance of Turkish citizenship:

Certainly, the importance of this nationality came only from the amount of privileges that the holder can obtain, and the following is a comprehensive detail about them.

First: First, when you obtain it directly, you can apply for a Turkish passport, which is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world. 

The Turkish passport can cross the borders of more than 61 countries without the requirement of obtaining a visa, and also that about 45 countries grant the holder an automatic visa upon arrival.

Second: All family members can obtain it, but it must be fulfilled, provided that the children are under the age of eighteen.

Third: You will be dual nationals and you will be able to get the privileges that both nationalities give you, and if you wish, you can keep more than one nationality besides Turkish.

Fourth: You can invite your relatives to come to Turkey to spend a special time together, take trips and learn about the most important historical and natural landmarks in Turkey.

Fifth: Children can enroll in public and private Turkish schools and universities and obtain internationally recognized certificates.

Sixth: It is also possible to receive treatment free of charge in government hospitals and at reduced prices in private health centers.

Seventh: You have the opportunity to get the best job opportunities in both the public and private sectors and to run for high positions.


Why Turkish citizenship and not other nationalities?

You may wonder about the reasons why Turkish citizenship is one of the most important nationalities that make foreigners choose it without European nationalities. The geographical location of Turkey has played an important role in its distinction, as it extends over the continents of Europe and Asia at the same time, as well as is characterized by its booming economy, political stability and advanced infrastructure.

It is possible to integrate with Turkish society easily without finding any difficulty in that and also learn the Turkish language within a few months.


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