Cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul 2022

Do you think that if the financial balance is modest, you will not be able to achieve your dreams of buying and owning real estate in Istanbul? What you do not know is that the city of Istanbul, in addition to all its sophistication and modernity of real estate and its distinctiveness, is suitable and moderate compared to other similar cities.

Where can you find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul? What are the reasons that made this city at the forefront of countries in the world in terms of the importance of owning real estate? What are the advantages of buying cheap apartments?


What about the cheapest apartments for sale in Istanbul?

The prices of apartments in this city or in other Turkish cities vary according to many factors, the most important of which are.

- The geographical location of the apartment, is it located in the city center or in the suburbs?

- The view you overlook, is it on the sea, on the green spaces, or on the city streets?

- Apartment area - Number of rooms - Number of balconies - Decorations - Quality of finishes.

- Type of apartment, is it in a residential complex? In a separate building? villa? penthouse? Duplex? Triplex?

- Are there vital projects near it? touristic places? beaches? coasts? failure? mosques? Museums?

- If there are transportation and public transportation nearby, it will lead to a noticeable increase in prices. (Metrobus - fast lines - metro).

- The prices of apartments located in the countryside differ from those located within the city borders.


In your opinion, will the high prices of apartments and real estate in the real estate sector in Turkey during the current period make it difficult to find cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul? The two things have nothing to do with each other, as prices will maintain this characteristic in front of prices in European countries, which exceed them by about fifty or sixty percent.


Cheap areas in Istanbul:

Below we present to you the most prominent and important areas in Istanbul where cheap real estate is available for sale.

The cheapest apartments for sale in Sultanbeyli:

- It is one of the districts which are found in the Asian side of the city.

- It is characterized by a high population density.

- It is rich in services that meet the needs of the population.

- It contains many recreational facilities.

- It is suitable for everyone to live and settle.


Cheap apartments for sale in Esenyurt:

- This area is located on the European side of the city.

- It overlooks Buyukcekmece.

- It is suitable for families living due to the abundance of all amenities, entertainment and public services.

- It is where you will find luxury modern properties and popular antiques.

- It is also suitable for real estate investment in light of expectations that it will register an increase in its prices during the coming period.


The cheapest apartments for sale in Beylikduzu:

Recently, this area has gained a lot of fame.

- One of the most developed and modern areas in Istanbul.

- A lot of luxury and high-end residential complexes were built in it.

- Its infrastructure is well developed.

- The passage of the Metrobus line increased the value of real estate investment in it.

- Real estate prices will rise in the coming days.

- There is a huge demand to buy real estate in them.


In this context, it must be noted that you can find cheap apartments for sale in the rural areas of Istanbul, and it is also one of the distinguished options as it allows you to live in peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city, such as Silivri. Also, real estate prices in Istanbul, the Asian side, are somewhat lower than those in the European section.


The importance of investing in cheap real estate in Istanbul:

Apartments or real estate at a cheap price are not outside the equation of a profitable real estate investment, and they are suitable for those who do not have a sufficient budget to pay a large amount and are a good start towards building wealth and profits.

You have to know that real estate prices do not settle in one case and based on their volatility, they are expected to rise with the passage of days and therefore you have (you bought at a low price and when you want to sell you will earn profits).

Buying a property in a cheap area is an ideal solution to get rid of rental costs, and do not forget that Istanbul is witnessing urban transformation projects that give real estate an additional value.


Disadvantages of buying cheap real estate in Istanbul:

Apart from the positive aspects of this option, let us shed light on some of its disadvantages or disadvantages, which are as follows.

- Far from transportation, meaning that moving between regions is somewhat difficult.

- Schools - universities - health centers - recreational places - tourist attractions are absent from these areas.

- In all buildings, you may not find elevators, regular maintenance or cleaning services.

- If your goal is to invest in real estate, you will not get high returns.


Some tips when buying cheap real estate:

You should review the Land Registry Directorate to ensure the legal status of the property, as there may be a problem or restriction imposed on it, and you should also use a successful and distinguished lawyer to verify the integrity of the papers and documents.

It is preferable that you buy the apartment through dealing with one of the famous real estate companies in Turkey in order to offer you great offers and appropriate prices.

You have to make tours to see the most important and prominent real estate projects available, through which you can find the available options to choose what suits you.


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