Best cities to search for apartments for sale in Turkey

The search for apartments for sale in Turkey has become one of the common goals for many foreigners, investors and capital owners. Whenever there is talk of real estate ownership, the real estate market in Turkey is one of the first options that come to your mind.

The editorial team at IFIC Real Estate chose to brief you on the most important Turkish cities for buying real estate in Turkey, and its most prominent features - details - qualities will be highlighted.

Everything you want to know about this topic you will find in this article.


Where do I look for apartments for sale in Turkey?

This question will be answered in detail in the following paragraph.

First: Apartments for sale in Bursa:

It is one of the closest cities to the economic capital, Istanbul, and this may have contributed to giving it high importance.

An important industrial city that attracts many foreigners looking for job opportunities.

One of the most important cities for people wishing to invest in real estate.

A tourist destination for thousands of tourists annually.

By investing in its real estate, a high financial return can be obtained.


Second: Apartments for sale in Izmir:

One of the most important Turkish cities, it ranked third in terms of area.

It managed to attract the attention of real estate investors.

Experiencing urban transformation projects.

It contains a lot of modern and high-end real estate projects.

It has seen a lot of development over the last two years.


Third: Apartments for sale in Ankara:

Real estate in the Turkish capital, Ankara, has not only attracted foreigners, but also Turks.

According to REIDIN data, the investor can get a lot of profit when renting real estate.

Ankara provides those wishing to buy real estate with great opportunities and great options.

It contains many important tourist attractions and destinations.


Fourth: Apartments for sale in Istanbul:

Istanbul is unlikely to be out of your options when buying a property in Turkey.

The economic capital of Turkey and the largest city in terms of area and most in population.

In it, you will find an abundance of real estate offers available for sale that suit different tastes.

Despite all its advantages, real estate prices in it are appropriate compared to other cities in the world.

It is characterized by a modern and developed infrastructure, which increased the value of real estate investment in it.

Construction companies are keen to build modern and high-end projects.


Fifth: Apartments for sale in Antalya:

It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

It is frequented by tourists from everywhere.

There are many modern and contemporary real estate projects.

It is one of the most prominent places for real estate investment.

In this regard, we must point out that real estate sales in Turkey are constantly increasing, and Istanbul is the best-selling state, and in second place comes the capital, Ankara, and Izmir is in third place.


Why buy real estate in Turkey?

In your opinion, what are the main motives that encourage foreigners to search for apartments for sale in Turkey? Through the next paragraph we will review it in full.

1 - Obtaining real estate residency:

After buying a property in Turkey, a foreigner can apply for a real estate residence permit (the property is required to be residential), one of its advantages is that it is granted to all family members - gives the holder the right to move between Turkish cities - benefit from the most important public services.


2- Turkish citizenship:

What conditions must be met by the apartment or the property in order for it to be suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

-It must have a minimum value of $250,000.

-Not to be sold before three years.

-To be purchased from a Turkish citizen.

-The property must not have been used before it was obtained.

-To be paid through the bank.


3- Get guaranteed returns:

Turkey is one of the countries suitable for real estate investment in light of the economic renaissance and acceleration of urban development and population density, in addition to the busy tourist seasons.

What encourages real estate investment in Turkey is the constant rise in real estate prices due to the increased demand for its purchase - high construction costs - the continuation of the Turkish citizenship program - the high quality that characterizes it.


4- Government support and encouragement:

Turkey has spared no effort in providing facilities and privileges through which it attracts foreign capital, such as:

-Exempting foreigners from paying the value added tax.

-Facilitate real estate ownership procedures.

-Giving investors security and protection by supervising the construction of real estate projects.

-The real estate appraisal document that controls real estate prices.


5- Real estate prices in Turkey:

Real estate prices in Turkey are fifty to sixty percent cheaper than prices in European or American countries, and add to your information that they are of high quality and international specifications.


Which Turkish cities are better for real estate investment?

There is no doubt that every city in Turkey has importance and advantages, but not all of them are suitable for real estate investment, as there are specific standards that must be met in the city in order to reach the peak of success and excellence that it seeks.

Istanbul is one of the most important cities suitable for real estate investment based on many factors that contributed to its success, such as:

-Sophisticated infrastructure.

-Having many strategic projects.

-It contains residential and investment projects.

-Real estate prices suitable for different budgets.

-Urban transformation projects targeting remote or old areas.


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