Best apartments for sale in European Istanbul

A large group of people interested in real estate in Turkey choose to search for apartments for sale in European Istanbul, as it is a sophisticated and high-end place for real estate ownership, whether you want to live and stay or invest in real estate.

What are the advantages of owning real estate in this side of the city? Which regions are the best? In this article, we answer your various questions.


The most important areas of apartments for sale in European Istanbul:

Through the following paragraphs, we will review together the most important and prominent areas on the European side of Istanbul.

Apartments for sale in Beylikduzu:

- It is one of the most important and newest areas in European Istanbul, (it was called the modern urban face) and there are those who called it the transportation node in the city after the development of the public transportation network in it.

- Many residential and investment projects have been built in a modern and contemporary style that suits different tastes.

- Do you think that the distance of the area from the city center is a problem? At all, it is not a problem to be worried about after the Metrobus line passed through it, which led to an increase in the value of real estate investment.

- It is suitable for those looking for a quiet life far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and is also characterized by the wide green spaces that are spread in it.

- The prices of apartments in that area are cheap compared to other areas in the city, but will they remain this way? According to experts and specialists, prices in that area will rise during the coming period due to the high demand for it and its proximity to the most important vital projects in the city.


Apartments for sale in Kucukcekmece, Istanbul:

- It is considered one of the most important areas of the city near Ataturk Airport, which will be one of the largest parks and gardens in the city in the future.

- The area extends over an area of ​​118 square kilometers, and is considered one of the best areas for housing and residence due to the availability of all the necessities of life such as: schools - hospitals - abundance of public transportation - malls and commercial centers.

- It gained its investment importance from its location on the E-5 highway.

- It contains a lot of entertainment places such as the amusement park (Kavakli), and includes many tourist attractions.

- The area has recently witnessed a lot of urban development, as high-end and luxurious residential complexes were built.

- It has attracted a lot of investors, businessmen and capital owners, and is characterized by its view of the lake.


Apartments for sale in Esenyurt Istanbul:

- One of the best areas of Istanbul, the European side, surrounded by the most important areas such as Beylikdüzü and Başakşehir.

- Real estate in it is divided into two options: you will find traditional apartments - modern apartments (residential complexes).

- It is a suitable option for those looking for apartments for sale at reasonable prices.

- Real estate prices will rise in the coming period after the completion of the construction stages of the new metro line, which gave it a high investment value.


Apartments for sale in Basaksehir, Istanbul:

- You can choose to buy an apartment in Basaksehir if you want to have a high-end life.

- Many Arabs choose to live and settle in it, and it is called the region of the wealthy Arabs.

- It has a well-developed infrastructure and is close to Istanbul's new airport and the new canal.

- It is considered one of the most important real estate investment areas in the city because real estate prices in it are increasing periodically, and this has emerged clearly in the last three years, as it has increased by 45%.


Real estate prices in the European side of Istanbul:

If you compare the prices of real estate in European Istanbul, and the prices in the most important countries and cities of Europe, you find them moderate and acceptable, and this encourages investors and foreigners to choose them.

It is expected that the prices of real estate and apartments in it will increase significantly during the coming period with the completion of work on building and constructing some strategic projects such as the new Istanbul Water Canal, whose construction began last year.

And add to your information that the demand for buying apartments is great, especially during the tourist seasons.


Advantages of owning real estate in European Istanbul:

1 - A distinguished option for real estate investment because its population density is high and annually receives thousands of foreigners, expatriates, tourists and students.

2 - It is suitable for those who are looking for a lively and active life.

3 - Owns a lot of entertainment places, commercial centers and malls, such as (Mall of Istanbul - Cevahir Mall - Venice Mall - Istanbul Valley).

4 - The Turkish government is constantly working to strengthen and develop the infrastructure by building the most important development projects.


The most important tourist areas on the European side:

We have already mentioned that this section of the city is one of the most important destinations that tourists choose, as it contains many important tourist areas such as:

Ortakoy district:

It is considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city and one of the most attractive for tourists.

It has a wonderful view of the Bosphorus.

It overlooks the Ottoman castles and the most luxurious palaces.


Galata Tower:

One of the most important archaeological towers that are distinguished by a wonderful geometric shape.

You have to climb to the top to see the most amazing view of Istanbul.

It is characterized by luxury and architectural style.

Inside it is a small museum containing photographs.


Rumeli Castle :

Historic castle overlooking the Bosphorus.

It was built by order of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror and its construction work was completed in just four months.

It is located within the most important areas of Istanbul (in Sariyer district).

Add to all that the presence of parks - gardens - the famous Istiklal Street - Taksim Square and others.


Your opportunity to buy and own your apartment in Istanbul is still available. Do not hesitate before contacting us to provide the best suitable options for you that fulfill your aspirations.