Apartments prices in Istanbul 2022

Are you interested in looking at apartment prices in Istanbul?

According to what we have received from our clients, this is one of the most important topics for them. Despite the distinction of the real estate market in Turkey in general, Istanbul is the most distinguished, and this is confirmed by its obtaining the first place over successive years in recording the highest percentage of the total real estate sales volume.

In this article, we will talk in detail about Apartments prices in Istanbul, and we will highlight the most important factors that affect their value


Are apartment prices in Istanbul high?

What do you think about real estate prices in Istanbul? Is it high and suitable only for the rich and those with high budgets, or can you find suitable and moderate prices?

In fact, real estate prices in that city vary depending on many factors, the first of which is the type of apartment. Is it located in a residential complex or is it in a separate building? It is known that apartments and real estate in residential complexes are the highest ever, and villas are also very expensive properties.

Also, furnished apartments are more expensive than apartments without furniture, and do not forget the role played by the view and the service and recreational facilities.


Why are apartments in residential complexes so expensive?

The reason for its high price is due to a number of factors, the most important of which is that there is a great demand for it and also provides its residents with a luxurious and different life, in which all the services needed by the residents are available, such as: (playgrounds - sauna - Turkish bath - steam rooms - gym - places for children to play - tracks for walking – cycling paths).

And add to your information that living in it provides you with a quiet life away from the noise and hustle and is also designed according to the modern, modern style that suits different tastes.


How do I find cheap apartments in Istanbul?

Recently, there has been a lot of search for cheap or moderately priced apartments in Istanbul for sale, so what methods should be followed to find this type of apartment?

1 - You can search for old properties or need restoration and maintenance.

2 - You have to bear in mind that new or new properties are more expensive.

3 - You may find a property whose owner is in a hurry to sell it, so you can take advantage of this opportunity.

4 - Apartments or properties under construction are cheaper than ready-to-move-in properties.

5 - Stay away from sea or forest views, as these contribute to the high price of the apartment.

6- Apartments that are sold at public auction or that result in legal problems.

7 - Search in rural areas or remote from the city center.

It should be noted a very important thing, which is that you should not be deceived by some cheap offers so as not to be a victim of real estate fraud. Before signing the sale contract, you must see everything related to the property and its legal status, and most importantly, deal with a reliable party, whether it is a construction company or a real estate company.


Areas where real estate prices have increased in Istanbul:

When we say that real estate prices have risen, this does not mean that they have increased by the same percentage in all regions, but rather the matter varies from one region to another.

Basaksehir is one of the areas in which real estate prices have witnessed a noticeable rise, and according to statistics, during the last three years it has increased by 45% and is expected to rise more than that when the construction of the new Istanbul Canal is completed.

Also, prices rise significantly in Arnavutkoy, which is one of the regions of the European side, due to its hosting of one of the largest air transport stations in the world (Istanbul New Airport).

Sariyer is also considered one of the areas with the most high prices for apartments and has been called the rich and famous because of this and is also characterized by high-end residential complexes.

Real estate prices in the Uskudar region, which is located in the Asian city of Istanbul, are increasing in prices, since it is one of the most important tourist areas, and also because the Turkish government takes care of its infrastructure, which it is constantly improving.


Real estate prices are higher on the European side or the Asian?

Surely you know that the city of Istanbul spans two continents at the same time (Europe and Asia) and this great diversity made \ a disparity between the prices of the areas on the European side and the Asian side according to their features, specifications and real estate character.

Prices in European Istanbul are higher than Asian Istanbul and the reason for this is due to:

It is witnessing great crowding and high population density.

An important commercial center in which business is concentrated.

It contains a lot of high-end residential complexes and luxury investment projects.

The demand is increasing dramatically for the purchase of real estate in it.

An important tourist destination based on its historical, archaeological and natural landmarks.

Having multiple options of apartments.

The property has a view of the sea, gardens and forests.


In the context of talking about the prices of apartments in Istanbul, it should be noted a very important thing, which is that real estate prices in that city are cheap compared to other important cities in the world, which are similar in terms of importance and prestige, and this is what made them preferable to the most important cities in Europe.


If you intend to buy an apartment in Istanbul, you should take an idea of ​​the most important information and details about this matter, so you should contact us to provide you with the help you need and to provide you with a set of offers and important real estate options that are suitable for you.