Apartments for sale in Istanbul suitable for families

There are many areas in Istanbul where apartments for sale are suitable for families, as family housing is usually characterized by certain specifications in terms of the technical specifications of the housing itself, the space and the distribution of rooms, and in terms of the location of the housing and the region and its suitability in terms of the surrounding conditions, general situation, atmosphere, services and facilities, their suitability with the family and the family requirements.

Specifications of apartments for sale in Istanbul suitable for families

Apartments for sale in Istanbul are suitable for families. They must have certain specifications in order to give a feeling of peace, comfort and stability to all family members:

If the area of ​​the apartment is wide enough and reasonable to ensure the movement of people and arrange their affairs inside the apartment freely and smoothly.

Also, the number of rooms should be proportional to the number of family members to avoid feeling embarrassed.

In addition to the distribution of rooms it is supposed to be comfortable and respectful of privacy.

Even the facilities in the apartment, decorations and interior engineering designs should provide psychological and physical comfort for all family members.

Types of apartments for sale in Istanbul that suit families

According to the previous specifications for apartments that are suitable for families, we found that the most suitable options for family housing are the following:


Often family members tend to gather in the evening on one of the balconies of the house to exchange conversations and advice, it will be a warm family session on one of the glass balconies that characterize the penthouse apartments, as they are spacious apartments that occupy an entire floor space at the top of the residential towers, It is characterized by wonderful views of the beauty of nature and the prevailing facilities all over Istanbul. Its facades are completely glass, and it is one of the most popular apartments for families to live in and one of the best types of apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Duplex apartments

If your family is large in terms of the number of people and your financial capabilities are rather good, the duplex apartments are the apartments that will bring happiness to your generous family, as they are characterized by the beauty of contemporary urban design and modern service facilities such as bathrooms and kitchens, and the distribution of rooms on two floors gives a lot of comfort and tranquility for all people in the apartment, the family gathers in the evening on one of the terraces for dinner, or to spend pleasant times in the green spaces surrounding the duplex apartments.

Butterplex apartments

If the two-storey duplex apartments will bring happiness to your honorable family, the three-storey butterplex apartments will give a feeling of luxury and independence due to the spacious area and the large number of rooms distributed on the three floors in an artistic and engineering way that suits the family atmosphere, as well as the unique interior architecture that It is distinguished by the butterplex apartments, which add its aesthetic touches to the spirit of the place.


Your choice of villas as a suitable place for family residence does not depend on the size of the family, but rather on the available cash. Therefore, the target group for residence in the villas is from the wealthy class. The villas have a distinctive urban character in which architects compete to highlight the features of beauty, sophistication and luxury, Its interior arrangement is of a high degree of comfort and perfection in terms of rooms and all facilities. The best times are spent by the family on the balcony of one of the gardens surrounding the villa, or when dining by the pools and enjoying the humid atmosphere, or practicing sports and recreational activities in the playgrounds surrounding the villa, which is one of the types of apartments for sale in Istanbul, suitable for families.

Istanbul features as a suitable place for apartments for sale suitable for families

1) Istanbul is the ideal choice for housing or investment due to the diversity of investment opportunities in Istanbul as it is the Turkish economic capital, and the extension of Istanbul over the area of ​​the continents of Asia and Europe increases its enrichment and cultural and economic diversity, and thus increases the chances of successful investment in it.

2) Istanbul in all its regions includes the most wonderful tourist attractions, the most beautiful place for spending fun family times, with strong infrastructure in all its forms, from metro lines, metrobus and highways, in addition to a huge network of transportation lines and municipal buses.

3) Istanbul attracts the largest real estate projects that are racing to implement it as the largest and most important construction companies that eventually produce the finest types of apartments for sale in Istanbul that are suitable for families.

4) Istanbul includes the most important health and medical centers, in addition to a large number of public and private hospitals spread throughout Istanbul, which are characterized by tremendous development in line with the latest scientific findings at the level of medical equipment and medical staff.

5) In Istanbul, there are the most famous universities, international schools and the educational center, which is the first thing that those who want to buy an apartment in Istanbul for families.

6) Istanbul has a huge number of offices, commercial towers, real estate, malls and shopping centers, the favorite places to spend fun times with the family and eat delicious meals in restaurants located inside and outside the malls.

7) Istanbul includes different spectrums of society of different sects and religions, where you find a large group of mosques, churches and temples, so it is considered an incubator city for anyone who wants to live, invest or buy apartments for sale in Istanbul that are suitable for families.

Indeed, Istanbul is a bewildering and majestic city that embraces the East and the West, for students and businessmen, for athletes and intellectuals, for anyone looking for a golden opportunity and a prestigious position. It encourages stability and family housing and has many real estate investment opportunities for everyone who wants to meet the demand of families in Istanbul who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul that suit families, so you find many real estate projects established in all areas of Istanbul extending on both the Asian side and the European side, which meets the Turkish real estate market's need of various types of real estate that covers the huge demand for apartments of all kinds due to the wonderful features enjoyed by apartments and real estate in Istanbul, and the guaranteed profits that are obtained from real estate investment in this beautiful city.