Apartments for sale in Beylikduzu..the modern architectural face

The beauty of Istanbul really baffles you, and when you decide to settle or invest in real estate in Turkey, and in Istanbul in particular, you have a variety of options in the many areas of Istanbul scattered in the European section and in the beautiful Asian section of Istanbul, each of which is more beautiful than some of them. As for apartments for sale in Beylikduzu Located in the European side of Istanbul, we are talking about the modern architectural aspect of residential buildings and real estate projects that are being built in this region because of the many advantages that apartments for sale in Beylikduzu enjoy.

Advantages of apartments for sale in Beylikduzu

The modern architectural face of apartments for sale in Beylikduzu

The apartments for sale in Beylikduzu have modern architectural techniques that reflect the modern architectural face of the Beylikduzu region.These technologies are characterized by unique engineering designs that simulate the movement of global architectural technical development, and these apartments are equipped with earthquake-resistant systems that Turkey is frequently exposed to, and this feature is not present in all apartments in Istanbul.


Various services surrounding apartments for sale in Beylikduzu

You can notice the large number of real estate projects and residential complexes scattered in Beylikduzu, and you can also notice the variety of facilities and centers that provide various types of necessary services and luxury for those looking for apartments for sale in Beylikduzu, You will find many sports, health and educational centers that provide recreational, social and scientific services as well, in addition to the spread of parks, the important element that people are looking for to spend pleasant times with family members, in addition to large areas, playgrounds, swimming pools and everything that would bring joy and pleasure to the residents of Beylikduzu.


The transportation network serving the apartments for sale in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu has witnessed a remarkable development at the level of road and transportation networks, which gave the region a competitive advantage in the field of real estate investment in Istanbul due to the importance of this issue in the construction boom of investment projects in Turkey as a whole. Beylikduzu is considered one of the areas that is characterized by a modern and developed infrastructure in terms of the road network and wide streets that connect the region to all parts of Istanbul, for example:

  • The metrobus line that connects Beylikduzu, located in the European section of Istanbul, with the Asian section, passing through the Bosphorus Bridge
  • The line known as the E5 Express is one of the most important transportation lines in Istanbul as a whole.
  • The new vital project based on the construction of the metro line (Incirli-Beylikduzu), which will make a qualitative leap in the region, which will be reflected in real estate prices in Beylikduzu and the return on investment on real estate investment in Istanbul.
  • The proximity of Beylikduzu to the Istanbul Canal is really vital and will reflect on the movement of commercial activity, the future of real estate investment in the region, and the volume of economic projects to be held that support the Turkish economy.


Commercial centers adjacent to apartments for sale in Beylikduzu

It is not surprising if you notice an increase in real estate prices in Beylikduzu, as this area is rich in commercial centers and malls full of commercial properties, which constitute golden opportunities for real estate investment in the commercial field, as well as activity in the marketing and sales movement due to the large supply of various types of goods and merchandise not from all areas of Istanbul not only from different countries of the world, There are many cafes and restaurants that offer delicious food, attract the purchasing power of a large group of consumers, and provide various investment opportunities in Beylikdüzü.


Types of apartments for sale in Beylikduzu


They are spacious apartments with glass facades occupying the upper floors of the residential towers located in Beylikduzu. They provide the residents of the penthouse apartments with a unique, charming and comprehensive view of all corners of Beylikdüzü and enjoy the beauty of the nature of the place, and this type of apartments is very popular and in great demand this prompted investors in the real estate sector to invest in this type of apartments to meet the demand and achieve good profits.


Duplex apartments

Duplex apartments usually consist of two floors, each floor has a specific distribution of rooms and other necessary facilities so that each of the two floors complement each other, and the two floors are connected by an internal staircase, and the apartment is surrounded by a swimming pool, a garden and a space for children's games and family meetings, as this type of apartment is suitable for large families to spend beautiful and warm times while respecting privacy due to the spacious area of ​​the apartment and the diversity of its facilities.


Butterplex apartments

Butterplex apartments differ from duplex apartments in that they have more than one floor, as they consist of three floors, each of them fully equipped with rooms and utilities such as bathrooms and kitchens that provide comfort and independence for all residents in the Butterplex apartments, regardless of the number of individuals.


studio apartments

They are one-room apartments and their benefits, and studio apartments specifications vary from simple specifications suitable for students and singles, to luxurious specifications that suit a small family at the beginning of their life journey, to businessmen who travel a lot and move around and who spend a few hours indoors and most of their time in work preoccupations as they don't need more than this comfortable apartment.



We can say that the villa is a small residential building, but it is independent of the neighboring residential buildings. It occupies a large area that includes gardens, playgrounds and terraces, in addition to the residential building consisting of a certain number of floors with a luxurious architectural style, modern interior equipment and high-end urban designs that give a general feeling of comfort, relaxation and well-being for the whole family, whether the villa is for family housing, or for tourism investment in the tourist seasons that generate huge profits for real estate investors in Turkey and in Beylikduzu in particular.


Therefore, apartments for sale in the Beylikduzu area in the European side of Istanbul are great investment opportunities because of the wonderful specifications and the comfortable environment that apartments for sale in Beylikduzu have .. the modern architectural face of Istanbul.