Advantages of staying in Istanbul hotel apartments

In general, Turkey today is one of the most important countries in the world that foreigners and Arabs from different countries of the world come to buy and own real estate, and one of the most important reasons for choosing it over other countries is that it is witnessing a great real estate diversity.

One of the most important real estate options that you find in Turkey and Istanbul (hotel apartments), in this article you will learn about these apartments and their most prominent advantages and the reasons why you should choose them.


Why choose hotel apartments in Istanbul?

In fact, we are faced with a number of reasons why you should choose hotel apartments over other types of apartments in Istanbul, and through the following paragraph we will review them in full.

First: Among the most important advantages that you will get when choosing these apartments is that they are well insured against earthquakes and fires.

Second: At first glance, you may think that the prices of hotel apartments in Istanbul are very expensive, but it is quite the opposite, as their prices compared to the prices that you will find in European countries or even in some Arab countries are much more than them, and they are less than hotel rooms.

Third: When you choose to stay in a hotel apartment in Istanbul, you choose to get a lot of comfort and privacy for you and your family members.

Fourth: The area of ​​the hotel apartments accommodates five or six people and is certainly suitable for families.

Fifth: If you cannot buy hotel apartments, but you can rent them, you will be able to benefit from the facilities in the building such as swimming pools - saunas - clubs - playgrounds, etc.

Sixth: Also, the amount you pay is inclusive of everything, and no other amount is required to be paid or other costs are incurred.


Where can I find serviced apartments in Istanbul?

A city as vast as Istanbul is sure to make you wonder where to look for hotel apartments. Most of the areas in which this type of apartments are available are among the areas that attract tourists, i.e. Sultanahmet, Taksim, Beyoglu and others, because these places are visited by tourists throughout the year, and mainly that the tourist prefers to stay near the tourist, historical and recreational attractions.

In your opinion, who prefers staying in hotel apartments? Certainly not the Turkish citizen because he needs a place that provides him and his family with permanent privacy, as it is suitable for tourists, visitors and temporary residents.

One of the information that you should know about these apartments is that they are often furnished, that is, they contain a bedroom, a living room, kitchen appliances and other essentials that residents need.


Specifications of hotel apartments in Istanbul:

Below you will learn about the specifications of the hotel apartments in this city. If you are interested, we advise you to review them.

1 - A strategic geographic location and a wonderful view of either the green spaces and parks or the sea.

2 - High-end and modern specifications that suit everyone without exception, and are often designed according to the smart system.

3 - The complex in which you reside is provided with all the services that provide you with comfort and luxury.

4 - The buildings that contain this type of apartments are well secured with guards, security and surveillance cameras.

5 - It is a good choice, whether you want housing and stability or real estate investment.


How to invest in hotel apartments in Istanbul?

Many investors and businessmen choose to invest in hotel apartments because it is possible to get abundant profits from them when you invest them correctly, There are several ways to benefit from it, most notably renting it to get a fixed monthly return as a result of the continuous influx of tourists to that city, or it can be resold again when prices rise to take advantage of the price difference that results between the buying and selling stages. This method is considered the most feasible, especially at the present time when real estate prices are rising significantly.

What guarantees that you will get high profits by investing in it is that its rents are very high, and it is the destination of businessmen, rich investors and wealthy traders when they come to Turkey.


Prices for hotel apartments in Istanbul:

This type of apartments is just like other types. It is not possible to determine a fixed or approximate price for it, but it is relied upon in this matter on many details and factors, and through the following paragraph we review it in full.

- The location where it is located and the view.

- Specifications and floor of the building.

- Modernity of construction and quality of finishes.

- The future of the region and its proximity to vital projects.

- The size of the apartment and the quality of the furnishings.

- Quality of services provided in construction


In this context, among the information that it is important to know about hotel apartments in Istanbul is that it is one of the most suitable types of real estate for obtaining Turkish citizenship. This is because their prices are high compared to other types of apartments, and the construction companies are striving to provide suitable and compatible offers to obtain them.


What must be included in the hotel apartments:

There are many details that must be available in hotel apartments in Turkey, and they are as follows.

- In the event that more than one person will live in it, he would like to have more than one bed in it.

- Each room has a private bathroom, a window and thick curtains.

- The apartment door should be solid and equipped with a magic eye and a surveillance camera.

- To have water, gas, electricity and Wi-Fi connections.

- Complete kitchen utensils such as washing machine, fridge, oven and dishwasher.

- In the event of any malfunction in the electrical appliances, maintenance is carried out immediately.

- Cleaning service is provided periodically.

- Every bedroom should have a personal closet.

- It should have a work desk.


Important information about hotel apartments that we have provided to you in this article. We hope that you have obtained a lot of interest and knowledge.