Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:
Do you think that obtaining another nationality in addition to the nationality you hold provides you with greater privileges and facilities in life ? What do you think of Turkish citizenship, have you seen its advantages and characteristics previously ? 

It is considered one  of the most important nationalities around the world, offering its holder many privileges, in addition to the ease of obtaining  them. Because of the frequently asked questions about this topic, we will give you everything you need to know about it.

Have you seen the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

1 - After you obtain it directly, you can apply for a Turkish passport, which is one of the most powerful passports in the world. It allows you to enter more than 77 countries without a visa. Also, there are about 44 countries that grant the holder an automatic visa when he reaches their land, as well as 8 countries that granted Turkish citizens a visa through the Internet.

2 - According to the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship, the first citizenship can be retained. You will benefit from both of these benefits together.

3 - Obtaining the rights that Turks get, such as voting in elections and running for important jobs. This citizenship allows you to have excellent job opportunities in the public and private sectors.

The holder of this nationality can practice many professions and jobs that a foreigner is prohibited from working in, such as (veterinary medicine - law - pharmacy).

4 - Medical and educational services are among the most important developed fields that the foreigner will be able to benefit from, as they are of high quality and follow the most important international standards.

5 - The cost of living in Turkey is appropriate and cheap compared to the costs in other countries.

6 - Real estate can be purchased easily and without waiting for a security approval.

In addition to all of the above, you should know that the geographical location of the Turkish state played an important role in encouraging foreigners to make Turkey a destination for them, as it is close to the Arab world and mediates three of the world’s continents and is surrounded by four seas, which gave it great importance and helped give it this outstanding climate.


How do you obtain Turkish citizenship?

You will now learn about the ways through which you can obtain Turkish citizenship.

1 - Real estate investment is the most common way to obtain it, but the price of the property must be two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more, and then the obligation not to sell it before the lapse of three years.

2 - A financial investment of five hundred thousand US dollars for a period of three years.

3 - Deposit an amount of no less than five hundred thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank for a period of three years.

4 - Establishing a company or business and employing 50 Turkish people.

5 - Marriage to a Turkish citizen, but it is not possible to apply for it until three years have passed since the date of the marriage until it is ascertained that it is real and not just for the sake of obtaining it.

6 - In the event that a foreign national is adopted by a Turkish family who is under the age of eighteen and who should not pose any threat to national security.

7  - When proving Turkish assets by submitting all documents confirming this.


Important conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

If you are thinking of obtaining Turkish citizenship, you should know that there are basic conditions that a foreigner must meet, and this is what we will present in the following paragraph:

- He must be over the legal age and be of sound mind.

- He should speak Turkish well and adequately.

- He must have a source of income sufficient for him and his family to have a decent life.

- He must not be a carrier of a dangerous or contagious disease in order to maintain public health.

- He should not have a judicial record in order to maintain public security.

- He must reside in Turkey for a period of no less than five continuous years in Turkey.


Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Obtaining this citizenship requires going through seven stages before that.

Stage 1: The first step is to submit and approve an application.

The second stage: The file is sent to the General Directorate concerned with examining the files and verifying the information received about the applicant.

The third stage: In this stage, the file is initially studied by a committee appointed by the Registry Department. If approved and accepted, it will move to the fourth stage.

The fourth stage: It is the most difficult stage, as it takes a long time to search for the foreigner's file and about the smallest details and information about him.

Fifth stage: He is placed on the list of naturalization in order to be approved by the Council of Ministers.

Sixth stage: At this stage, the decision is made whether to refuse granting citizenship or acceptance.

Seventh stage: The applicant is informed of the final result.


Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship:

Because obtaining this citizenship by buying real estate is the most common, we chose to present the papers that must be available through the following paragraph:

- Real estate title deed (real estate Tapu).

- The real estate appraisal document that accurately proves the value of the property.

- Receipts confirming that the price of the property was paid by a bank in Turkey.

- Passport translation for all family members.


What if I choose to obtain this citizenship through Evek Real Estate?

- We assist in all procedures and supervise the entire stages.

- We offer you real estate offers suitable for the conditions of obtaining it.

- We help you open a bank account if you do not have one.

- Follow up on your file until the citizenship is issued and received.