Advantages of living in residential complexes in Istanbul

One of the common terms in the real estate market in Turkey (residential complexes), where construction companies are racing to present the finest and most distinguished and prestigious complexes in order to attract and attract investors and foreigners.

According to official statistics, it has been found that the most requested types of real estate are those complexes, and due to the importance of this topic, we chose to dedicate to it the next article in which we will highlight the most important information and details related to it.


Check out the advantages of living in residential complexes in Istanbul:

The choice of many people and foreigners to live in these complexes was not an absurd choice, but rather a natural result of their advantages, and through the following paragraphs, a complete detail of the matter.

First: A safe life around the clock:

One of the first reasons for foreigners to buy apartments in these complexes is that they are equipped with various means of security and protection, such as security guards at the external gates, where only the owners of the apartments or their relatives can enter after verifying their identities.

Surveillance cameras are also distributed everywhere to monitor every movement that occurs, as well as alarms that detect any theft that may occur.

Owners of homes and apartments that are located within these complexes can travel and be absent for a long time without being afraid of being exposed to danger or theft.


Second: Living in a distinctive recreational environment:

What makes it a distinguished place for housing is that construction companies choose strategic locations within the city and are close to the most important service, entertainment and cultural centers.

The establishing companies are racing to provide more distinguished specifications, and there are a set of common facilities between all the complexes, such as: (playgrounds - sauna - Turkish bath - steam rooms - children's play areas - fitness club - gyms - special walking paths - bicycle paths - parking For cars - a distinctive view of the sea or green areas).

In some complexes you may find a school - a restaurant - a cafe - a mosque.


Third: Great designs on both the external and internal levels:

Construction companies are keen on building projects with great designs from the outside and the inside and you will notice this when you take field tours to see them and their features.

You will notice creativity in every detail in the decorations - finishes - the quality of the interior cladding - and add to your information that it has been designed to be resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters and has been relied on the finest types of building materials.


Fourth: Few responsibilities and a comfortable life:

The committee in charge of managing the residential complex is responsible for assuming a lot of responsibilities for the apartment owners, such as periodic maintenance - cleaning services - repair and restoration of any defect that occurs, while all this is not available in independent buildings.


Are there downsides to residential complexes in Istanbul?

There are some disadvantages that you will encounter when you choose to buy an apartment within the residential complexes, such as its distance often from the city center because it needs large areas to build and a distinctive view, and this cannot be found in its center, and also that its prices are somewhat high compared to other types of real estate and other apartments.

As for the first problem, which is its distance from the city center, it is no longer so after the development of public transportation networks and the supply of remote areas and suburbs with them. Any place can be reached within a few minutes.

As for their high prices, it is possible to choose projects that are still under construction, as their prices are lower than ready-made properties.


The importance of investing in residential complexes:

Based on the aforementioned important information about these complexes, there is no difference in the importance of housing in them, but the other question is, is it suitable for real estate investment? Certainly it is, as the demand for it is great, especially in the tourist seasons.

The apartments in these complexes can be invested in different ways, most notably renting them, and thus you will get a fixed and rewarding monthly return, and also can be invested by reselling them again to take advantage of the price difference between the buying and selling stages, as their prices are constantly increasing.

Due to its high prices, you can find many suitable offers for obtaining Turkish citizenship (when the price is two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or more).


Where can I find distinguished residential complexes in Istanbul?

If you are looking for modernity, distinction and sophistication, you should choose (Beylikdüzü), which is located on the European side, where you will find many wonderful complexes with modern designs and sea views, sometimes on the green spaces.

Real estate prices in Beylikdüzü in general are cheaper than properties in other areas.

If you want to buy a luxury apartment, you should choose Sariyer, which is one of the most prestigious and important neighborhoods of Istanbul, and if you want to buy a cheap apartment, you can choose Esenyurt, which includes many distinctive complexes.

Can you find high-end complexes in the Asian side? Certainly, as the most important construction companies have turned their attention to it and are working on high-end and modern construction (you can search in Uskudar - Umraniye - Beykoz - Kartal).


In the context of talking about residential complexes, it must be noted that there are additional costs that will be paid in them, which is an amount paid each month for the services that are provided, and an average of about fifty US dollars, and it varies from one complex to another according to the type of services provided.


Finally, we note that there are many real estate offers available in Istanbul and you still have the opportunity to get your dream apartment within the most important and prestigious complexes that exist in that not hesitate and contact us to provide you with the help you need and with some important information.