Advantages of buying a property in Turkey 2022

The importance of real estate in Turkey is not born today, but rather began since the renaissance that Turkey witnessed in its real estate sector and its great urban acceleration, which drew great attention to it.

If this is one of the topics that interest you, through this article, we will present to you the most prominent advantages that will be yours when buying real estate in Turkey.

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Take a look at the advantages of owning real estate in Turkey:

If you want to buy real estate in Turkey, you should research all aspects of this matter first so that you can decide if it is suitable for you or not. Through the following paragraphs, you will find all the details and information that interest you.

1 - Turkey's prime location:

- Turkey is characterized by a unique and distinguished location as it is in the middle of the world.

- It oversees four important seas (the Mediterranean Sea - the Aegean Sea - the Black Sea - the Sea of ​​Marmara).

- The city of Istanbul extends over the continent of Asia and Europe, which increased its importance and gave it their characteristics.

- The climate of the Turkish state is moderate and distinct throughout the seasons, in contrast to the extreme cold that you find in European countries.


2 - Real estate prices in Turkey:

- The real estate price aspect is one of the first details that you will look for when you decide to buy a property in this country.

- The costs of owning real estate in Turkey are appropriate and moderate if compared with prices in Europe, America and some Arab countries.

- Did you know that in Turkey you will be able to buy a villa with high quality specifications, where international quality and safety standards have been adhered to.

- Residential complexes are among the most luxurious properties that you may choose in Turkey, where the privileged location and the charming view, in addition to all this, are accompanied by the most important services and entertainment.


3 - Ease of integration with Turkish society:

- The negatives that a foreigner will face in Turkey are very few compared to the positives and advantages that you will find.

- Language will be an obstacle in communicating with Turkish society, but it can be overcome by relying on the English language.

- The Arabs are the most preferred to buy real estate in Turkey due to the proximity of the geographical location and the ease of transportation and travel to it, and there is also a motive for the common Islamic religion and similar customs and traditions.


4 - Applying for real estate residency:

- When buying a property in Turkey, it will be possible to apply for a real estate residence permit.

- It is one of the most important types of residence permits in Turkey that can be obtained easily and also renewed when it expires.

- All family members and children under the age of eighteen get it.

- It allows its holder to move between Turkish states without having to obtain a travel permit.

- You can benefit from advanced medical and health services for free or at reduced prices.


5 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

- You can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property with a value of no less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, with a commitment not to sell it before the lapse of three years.

- This nationality is considered one of the most important nationalities in the world due to the many advantages it gives to a foreigner.

- Despite the many methods and ways of obtaining it, real estate is the most common, especially after the amendments issued by the Turkish government in late 2018, where before that the value of the property must be at least one million dollars.


6 - The best types of investment:

- Are you looking for the best type of investment? Real estate investment is considered one of the best types of investment ever, for several reasons, the most important of which is that real estate maintains its value and is not affected by crises like other types of investment.

- If your financial balance is not high, this does not constitute an obstacle preventing you from investing, as you can find what suits you.

- The Turkish government has provided many facilities to foreigners on its soil, such as tax reduction and exemption.

- Real estate in Turkey can be acquired very easily, unlike in other countries.

- Turkey is an important tourist country that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

- There are various forms of real estate investment where you can rent real estate and get a fixed return, or it can be resold again.


Have you wondered what guarantees you the success of your real estate investment in Turkey? Below we will provide you with important information about real estate in this country and the reasons for its high prices:

- Real estate prices are not fixed, as they are constantly rising as a result of the nature of the great development it is witnessing.

- Your investment will be successful due to the increase in population density and the large foreign turnout.

- Real estate prices are expected to rise by 40 to 50 percent during the current year 2022 AD.

- Construction companies tend to build projects that conform to the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship due to the desire of most of those who are going to buy real estate in this country.

- The increase in the prices of raw materials for construction.

- Commitment to applying international standards in design and construction.


Infrastructure effect on real estate in Turkey:

Turkey has a developed and modern infrastructure that competes with the most important countries of the world and is constantly working to develop it because its reflection is great on the economy and on investment, and it is one of the motives that encouraged investors around the world and businessmen to be a destination for them.

Turkey includes the most prominent strategic projects in the world, most of which are located in Istanbul, and these are the most important:

-  It owns one of the largest airports in the world (Istanbul New Airport).

- It has many tunnels, the most famous of which is (Eurasia Tunnel) in the Asian side of Istanbul.

- The Project of the Century (the new Istanbul Water Canal), which will have a significant impact on the surrounding areas in particular.

- The highways, which were a distinctive solution commensurate with the high level of population density.


We have provided you with the most important advantages of buying real estate in Turkey. We hope that we have answered your various questions related to this topic. If there are more inquiries, we are happy at Evek Real Estate to assist you and provide you with important real estate tips and advice.